Tuesday, September 29, 2009

thank you james!

yesterday, i travelled to Portland, Me., one of my favorite towns. after noshing on some yummy homemade chili and some delectable if pricey treats from Aurora (as the locals say "why pay less?")..it was back to fabric obsessing with my bff chris b. who is planning a renovation and was happy to join me in OCD land. when our friend james arrived he shared fantastic news, that i thought i would pass along. Fabricuts ( http://www.fabricut.com)a wholesaler of fabrics has very well priced ($23 a yd!) knockoffs of some of my faves..including ms. wearstler herself. feel free to go nuts, but the catch is that many of these fabrics are P-O-L-Y-E-S-T-E-R! now i really do not know what to do. hmmm?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

oh joel!

honestly..isn't it just the way things go that when you find something that you l'adore, you find out that you can't have it? just when i was getting all hot and bothered over these terrific joel dewberry fabrics, thinking they would be absolutement the perfect idea for my chair project, i was told by the experts that the fabric is NOT upholstery weight. double bummer.
well..thought i would share..after all i did do alot of drooling. these are shmectacular.


I am so excited to announce that our local designers salon will be hosting a great event this week about all things twitter-ish..i must say that this kooky new land that we live in filled with so many alternative marketing/networking tools has me in a tizzy..what to choose..what to do? well..here comes our chance to make sense of the whole schmeer-er-rye! the following post appeared on our blog www.designsalonboston.blogspot.com hope you can make it.

Learn how to make (dollars and) Sense from Social Media Marketing

Marija Hamed is a new media strategist specializing in social media marketing strategy, standards compliant web development and online marketing training. Hamed has over 7 years of website design experience coupled with over 5 years in social media design and management. Hamed began blogging in 2005 and has continued to remain at the cusp of social media expertise and trends.Hamed has strategized, managed and executed social media campaigns for both B2B and B2C companies throughout her career such as consulting firms, international engineering firms, university programs, hotels and online magazines. She believes that although the tools may appear to be similar, that each individual business must develop and harness their own approach to new media marketing communication and that the first step is simply to join in on the conversation.

You can find more about Marija Hamed at:
twitter.com/mahacreativemarijahamed.com Watch for Marija's new website at marijahamed.com Marija will help answer our many looming quesions. Before we meet, please take a moment to respond to questions listed below. (responses can be sent to jill.palese@gmail.com) Your input will help Marija to tailor her presentation directly to the members of Design Salon, ensuring that we get the most from our evening.

1. Which social media tools do you use on a regular basis (at least twice per week)?
2. Which social media tools are you most curious about?
3. What do you find difficult about social media?
4. What do you hope to get out of social media?
5. What looming questions do you have about social media?

Kay McGowan of Mohr and McPherson will graciously open her doors to the lovely Harrison Street Retail store for the evening. Please feel free to bring wine and snacks for the event.
Date: September 29th
Time: 7:00
Location: Mohr and McPherson
460 Harrison Avenue
Boston, MA (South End)
R.S.V.P.: Kay McGowan kay@mohr-mcpherson.com

Thursday, September 24, 2009


my friend rebecca sent me this link yesterday..and i laughed myself sick.
enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhilbbeUc0g
ps. if you are a gay divorcee be on the lookout for her upcoming blog "Split" celebrating and exploring the world of splitsville.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

alone in left field

i realize that these are really popular, and that i probably am alone in my thinking on this one..but could someone please explain to me why on earth you would want someone ELSE'S name plastered right there? i mean is that this guy's name..calvin klein?

Monday, September 21, 2009


ah contessa von wearstler..how we do bow down to thee. though it is ubiquitous , i am still not over the perfect look of the imperial trellis. my chairs would look so good in the citron. wahhh.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

the laundress

sunday is my day to do laundry and deal with the tough stains of the week. FUN!
it just so happens that my little angel got gold paint on her flouncy navy skirt AND the matching leggings! quel dommage! after a little research, i discovered that there are several cleansers that might work.

after squirting like crazy and scrubbing with a toothbrush, (and breathing heartily all the fumes) i have taken a good bit of the paint off...but i am looking for the coup de grace. any suggestions would be much appreciated by this failed laundress!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

local yokel

Stuff magazine a local culture pub printed this story about me. it was thoughfully written by marni katz of the style carrot..http://stylecarrot.com
i really like the way she tells the whole story..not leaving out any of the bumps in the road..but oy vey that photo!

Friday, September 18, 2009

new rug designs in process

i have been working alot on rugs for Surya. i love the way some of them are coming out. others are reminding me too much of holiday on ice. can you tell which one?

obsessed with fabric

i have been going nutty thinking about the two chairs that sit so sadly in my living room, torn to shreds by our lovely feline, bessie! after searching like a madwoman, i finally discovered (thanks to katy elliott's blog) roberta roller rabbit..EPIPHANY! now if i can just decide which one to get.

gotta get back to it.

it seems like my etsy site is always there saying..come back to us jill and add some more images..oh but i do love etsy!

art company dramaturge

i was able to send out many images to a new art company that MAY! want to work with me in the future. i will keep all fingers crossed. it would be cool to have a great place to show these fun collages finally.

back to school

this week is finally over. back to school can be so nutty. working out the carpool schedule, bus drop offs, homework again! oy! dealing with sports..new uniforms, and still try to go to work and get some groovy design work done. it could make a person crazy.