Monday, November 30, 2009

frozen in grand central station

heaven found at nanette lepore!

problem solved. i am just back from nanette lepore, and i am beyond excited because i found 2 amazing dresses that are just so smashing! i have never had the pleasure of shopping at nanette lepore's super chic shop on newbury street, but you know i cannot wait to go back! thank you clothing gods for shining on me this day!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

fantastic tara donovan

last year the ICA in boston had an amzing show of tara donovan's work. it has stayed with me to this day. she is able to transform everyday in the plastic straws above, into landscapes of enormous beauty. my favorite, i think, was the styrofoam cup clouds that made me feel like i was floating into them. it is rare that a contemporary visual artist is able to communicate a message so clearly, and powerfully.

a great new dress

i have been spending quite a bit of my holiday time shopping online for a new dress. in my opinion there is nothing like putting on a great little dress and heading out the door with tons of confidence. i mean..what choices are there with a dress? throw it on, and GO! BUT..i am so picky, and i am a difficult size to fit..being quite petite, and so i am having a tough time deciding, as the budget is for just one. HELP!

pretty great from DVF
max azaria below..cute no?

Friday, November 27, 2009

black plums

when i walked past the longchamp windows the other day they had a whole window filled with this shade of patent leather bags. i do know that this year has been a big one for purple..buty this shade is a bit different. is it magenta? aubergine? i am going with black plum. now, i am not sure what i will do with it..or whether i like it. but it did stop me in my tracks.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


for me thanksgiving means family and food...eating not cooking. luckily for me, i spend the holiday being fed by other people some of my favorite things..particularly stuffing and gravy. for some reason i can never have enough stuffing. being known as a crafty type, i am often asked to create the placecards and centerpiees for the festive day, and in my opinion nobody does it better than martha. martha is a genius! happy thanksgiving everyone!

Monday, November 23, 2009

phoebe washburn calling.

i read art news this week and found myself staring at this installation, "compeshitstem" by artist phoebe washburn. although i had never heard of her or seen her work she is apparently a rising art star having shown in the 2008 whitney biennial which is very fancy. the piece above was created specifically for the site at the kestnergesellschaft in hanover germany, and i love it. i am obsessive about recycling any materials i can at the studio, and to see beauty and order created from someone else's trash is a revelation.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

shopping spree at angela liguori & jill bent!

yesterday, i had the best time at the design salon sale shopping for some fantastic items from boston's own fabulous salonistas! first i headed straight to angela liguori's display where she had her wonderful assortment of italian imported cotton ribbon & string that comes in such irresistable colors, along with her signature printed cards. next i picked up a cream colored handknit scarf at jill bent who uses baby suri on some of her pieces; a wool so soft and fluffy it is heavenly to the touch.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

storm king

my mom and dad took their friends to storm king this week and got to see the maya lin piece of the rolling landscape she created for the site. the art center has a permanent collection with works by david smith, noguchi, calder, moore, di suvero as well as many others. i have spent quite a few amazing afternoons wandering around among the sculptures and the whole experience is a true treat. now i have to go back to see these hills!

katy elliott

i found katy elliott's lovely blog when i was in search of fabric for my spinny chairs. she was the one who turned me onto roberta roller rabbit, and so i will be forever grateful. BUT this morning i went to her blog and found this amazing catskill farmhouse that she posted about. i am in love with the incredible paint color choices!

sweet bea cakes

last night the boston design salon held a marvelous pot luck supper at my apartment in boston to celebrate and kick off our holiday sale. we were gifted THE most gorgeous cake boasting the look and feel of the design salon logo. the best part was that the cake was mostly chocolate with what looks like many other delicious ganache-y type thingies inside. the designer of this bit of tasty inspiration was none other than sharon berke of sweet bea cakes right here in boston. kudos to you sharon! oh..the cake above is sharon's version of jhill's cowboyboot pattern from her austin city print..amazing right?

Friday, November 20, 2009

tis the season

well yes..another holiday market..2 in one week! i am loading up the truck this morning and drivin' up to boston to set up for our heavily anticipated boston design salon holiday market. 19 of bostons best designers all under one roof..can you stand it? we will be at the kingsley school at 26 exeter st. from 10am til 5pm saturday. come and get it!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

waveny house, new canaan

today is my day to show off our work (switch & jill rosenwald) to those in the know in new canaan at waveny house, the former mansion of the lewis lapham family, where the YWL is hosting its annual holiday shopping event. it is an amazing space and there are lots of great people showing there. 677 south ave from 9am til 4pm..hope you can make it!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

so cool

have you ever? i mean really. we found these at the nygift show, and i think this would make a great gift..right? it is called if mode . so cool.

Monday, November 16, 2009

we like to party

we (jessica sutton, jennifer hill, lawrence mcrae, and i) had a big studio open house the other night in our congress street space to celebrate jess and jen moving in, and becoming our mates! thanks to gradon of .designboston i was able to snag these great pictures from his post about the party. it was a really great night for everyone.. lots of creative people hanging out together making hay!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

decorating frenzy

when john vasquez showed me barb's beautiful chairs that he had upholstered in a thomas paul bird print i totally flipped out. now that i am on a decorating roll, i have got to cover 2 more chairs that sit pathetically in my living room dressed in a scary bordello-esque orange crushed velvet! i mean the things are nasty! so i am off to freddy farkels in watertown to go a huntin'..wish me luck.

Friday, November 13, 2009

hello senor adler!

went to the opening of jonathan's store on wednesday night with stacy kunstel and had a great time. what can i say? jonathan is so adorable. he gives everyone his undivided attention, and is consistantly charmant. oh! and can he design? the guy really is a genius. the store is terrific, filled with all of jonathan's signature colorful tchotch.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

look who's going to bryant park!


looks like the obvious choices get to go to bryant park this i had my money on carol hannah, althea, and irina. who knows how christopher got as far as he did in the competition..he had some true doozy mishaps. but i have to give gordanna some credit for this amazing gown she did inspired by the was amazing. i think the judges went with the competitors who had the best of the season, as opposed to what they saw in this getty challenge..i mean..the irina dress was certainly a major shmatte!