Monday, July 30, 2012

quatrefoil is de riguer

apparently..this is the thing you urgently have to have.

i have it on the highest authority..but you must get the real thing..van cleef and arpels!  ok?


cuz reese says so.  @15K.

Friday, July 27, 2012

fall palette

as i head into the fall season when i have to design a new collection for the NYIGF,
 i often head over to to check out what the fashion folks are thinking
vis a vis fall2012.

as luck would have it, senor marc jacobs was saying yes to some very powerful
 color combinations and textural variations for LV.  je loved them.

you have to have balls to put those hats on the girls..right?
but i can't get enough of the rich hues, and the combinations!

i also think that burberry prorsum has some fabby shades.

this handbag in the coppery orange/red is making this pic

it's not hurting these looks is all about the bag in that crisp acid yellow here.
and below the peacock satchel with the brassy top zings the blacks and charcoal pieces.

i call these colors worm..loving them too..and below..though i have always loathed purple
this garnet shade from tory burch is killlling me.  don't miss the little handbag in that lovely shade of lilac is giving the look an extra oo la la.

the colors from these  designers were just a great reminder that fall has a lot of richness to the season,
 and it is best  to include these vibes of warmth and cozy when choosing my new palette..
i have a lot of decisions to make amigos.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

july photo shoot!

today i got a big treat in my in box here at the studio! pix by our newest stylist..amy hendren.

amy is an old pal of studio mate and fave photographer sarah winchester, and i asked her to take some shots of some of the pieces we had here at the studio..and really go for the zhoosh factor.

what do you think?( ..btw this is her grandmother above, and neighbors below.)

super cute..right?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

striped stuff

i have said it before and i will say it again..i am p-obsessed by/with stripes

clearly i am not stripes seem to be piping hot today.

and so..

i will finally! be adding a group of simply striped pieces for the fall collection.

in my new fave colors

grey/charcoal with mustard..and grey flannel with coral

do you have a favorite stripe?

Monday, July 23, 2012

ombre trending

ms. is you i believe who started the ombre thing.  at first we thought you were showing that you need to go back to your guy to get the roots touched up..but then we figured..this is on PURPOSE!  gotta totally caught my eye as something fun and New..worth taking note..but as always with these does spready like crazy.

and lookee..the ombre stuff is everywhere.

 in the wedding flowers..on the stairs..

personal fave..the nails..disclosure: i have spent time trying to acheive this effect..and it i not easy without a plan!

i am a captive fan..and in fact, i plan on using it in our fall line!


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Friday, July 20, 2012

millionaire yenta hearts JR

yesterday, while our rug sale was going on over at joss and main..who should send us some  majah hollahs..but mrs milliaonaire matchmaker herself..patty stanger.  but i  already knew that i loved don't walk over to her show.

she is hysterical.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

mrs lilien & mrs. rosenwald

i am swooning right now..because one of my favesy blogger ladies has  just become besties with me!  well ..not exactly..but mrs. lilien (said favesy) did reach out to me to let me know that she had done a swell post on her new bedroom concept..and she included our chevron rug in the plans!

and lookee lookee she is in luck..joss and main is having a big jill rug sale TODAY!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Laduree {Branding}

 my mom told me that when she lived in paris in the 60's near the madelaine, she would stroll over to Laduree nearby, and nab a chocolate macaroon!  ( like going to the local starbucks..not!)

so while i was in paris, i made the required pilgrimage over to her old stomping grounds to have one said choco-mac of my very own..and check out the original  Laduree.

i was instantly struck by several things all at once.  first ..the BRANDING of things!  anything that is good these days it seems is massively and cleverly branded to maximize profits..or something like that...there can't be just one amazing original on a special spot in paris..there has to be a gazillion of them (on madison airports!)so that every one can share in the delight of the PRODUCT.

BUT! as a product designer myself i get it.  Laduree rocks as a brand.  i appreciate the genius of it as a business..but as a romantic i sort of bemoan the loss of the specialness of one off shops.

trust me..if i was looking for something fabulous to brand..this baby might be the ticket..i mean look at how gorgeous..the colors the packaging the font!  fab-rageous!

and oh miracle! they even taste good.

  hey.. since when did macaroons supplant the cupcake?  just sayin'