Friday, March 30, 2012

beach kurtas

taking walks on the beach for the last few days, i have learned a couple of tricks.
sunblock is on everyone's "yuck" i try not to use too much because who knows what they put in the stuff?
next i wear a hat..and sunglasses..otherwise i can't see a thing..and i know most of my face is shaded.
next i put on a kurta. i have 2 from See Designs Donna Gorman..who offers a very lightweight super soft cotton that breathes in a cheerful marimekko-ish print.
but in a way, i think you cannot have too many of these tops..because they look great in a number of other places other than the beach.
and there are some other great designers who make them..namely rikshaw, and roberta roller rabbit!
do you have some that you want to share?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

meet cute

on our morning beach hike today we listened to one of the cutest "meet cute" stories of all time..her, "i know that you are leaving for singapore tomorrow and that i go back to london, and so i just thought i'd tell you that i've fallen in love with you dammit" him,"well that's good news because i've been in love with you for 9 years!" and they lived happily ever after..
this conversation was followed by a discussion about whether the expression is a "cute meet" or a "meet cute"..i guess it's meet cute..because i just found the blog!
and it's awesome
just love the assortment of vids pix and signs.
ya got me.

Monday, March 26, 2012

aqua and orange

my son and i are on holiday in grand cayman, and all this aqua water has me dreaming about my favorite color combo this season..
aqua and orange! when i first spotted trina turk's spring colors i was struck by this fresh new twist on the classic combination of coral and turquoise.
it is true, i haven't met a combination that uses orange that i do not like..but this mix of carribean sea with punchy tangerine is so right on..i just had to put it on all of our new work!
..and i love the results.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


our family has been enjoying a week in the hot sun of costa rica in the surfing town of jaco. i love riding waves but these babies have been blowing my mind! i guess i shouldn't be surprised as normal here are 20 footers..ow-ch.
it turns out that i am not ready for the big kahuna though..nor really cut out for this climate. i would love to say i will return with the ultimate coppertone tan..but in reality i am covered in mosquito bites, as well as one enormous bullet ant bite on my right shoulder that was the most amazingly painful experience of my life. but enough whining.. it has been fantastic to be in the warm weather..but it turns out that back home it's in the 80's

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

elegant wilderness

back in the day (late 1800's) the robber barons liked to escape the madness of the big city by "roughing it" in the adirondack mountains.
they built themselves magnificent palaces in the wilderness, and in so doing they created the original ralph lauren look.
when they traveled they brought boatloads of staff with them (chess partners!!) just in case any work needed to be done. hollah.

Friday, March 16, 2012

marla's lamp

we're on a big fam vaca..hence the absence from this blog..apologia! but this just came in the mail today and i love it..our client marla just sent it over of her new lamp fromn the studio in her bedroom..and i think it looks so great! thanks marla.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

the ultimate indulgence

i have found that drinking my morning cup is a very intimate experience between me and my mug.i really care about what mug i pick out of the cabinet, and the wrong one can really mess with my morning mojo.
that said..we make a gorgeous mug here at the studio. and i understand why some people feel they have to have one..despite the pricey pricetag.
plus! they look so great in these 2 patterns. i have been posting some stuff over on my etsy site the last couple of days..and i have been unabashedly admiring our handiwork. so i thought i would share these pretty pix.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

{design icon} Oreos

hello-o? this is almost too perfect in every way. taste texture, looks..done, done and done!
when i think about an amazing design that has icon is the oreo that i think of first. hmm. happy 100th bday oreo..long may you reigh.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

sick converse skullified

this weekend i discovered ali baba's cave for boys.the converse store!
truly..i wandered in and had a retail experience like no other in my adult life. this place is marvelous. you pick out a pair of sneakers and can bedazzle them in any way you like. the shop has not only laces of every color, studs, rivets ,and a diy crafting center..but if you go upstairs..
patrons use i pads to choose any graphic they like..(including any jpeg of your own) and the friendly staff will apply the images to either or both sides of your shoes using an enormous brother printer.
i knew that my son would instantly be smitten.
and if that was not enough they also had fashion-y converse shoes designed with john varvatos..sahweet. here is a massachusetts company..over 100 years old..that has really done a fab job reimagining the brand for the 21st century.

Monday, March 5, 2012

hallway paint chosen {benjamin moore iceberg}

we finally decided on a paint color for the hallway, after way too much wringing of hands.
..and the color is..iceberg!
even though i spent many hours determined to use a wonderful watery turquoise-ish tiffany blue. (blue seafoam BM)
in the end, i felt it would not bring joy to our dark hallway, but rather it would have the opposite effect, and be cloying and nasty minus the ocean breezes that should accompany a paint of this quality.
i also spent a bit of time flirting with a hot pink..(razzle dazzle BM)
sunny glazed yellow (showtime by BM)
and calming urban greys..but ultimately i am hoping that iceberg will capture all that i am looking for in a paint for our dark and un windowed space..bright, happy, sophisticated, think?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kate Spade (marketing genius)

whaaat? this is so amazing. but will it sell clothes?

Kate Spade "Henrietta Street" Fashion Film from Kinga Burza on Vimeo.

yes. i believe so.