Wednesday, February 29, 2012

the leg

this is huge.
what i didn't get was how many times she actually stood and had her picture taken like this. a lot. a whole lot. she even got made fun of during the show. sweet.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

red carpet round up

i didn't get any sleep last night, but i felt i had to get this i will, for once, be goes. sacha is so shame. hysterical.
the girl from the help in renaissance fair. loved her hair.
melissa is funny. i don't care what she had on. she seems like she is at least having a good time.
the new "it" girl rooney mara. my favorite thing is that all my dad can say is she is a football princess..the scion of 2 legendary fotball dynasties..or something like that.
i know a lot of people liked her in this..but seriously forest green and glen give me the creeps.
tina looks awesome in this couture carolina herrera..for once..right?
of course..uh duh. perfect..(though the rucheing pulled awkwardly accross the chest..just sayin.)

Monday, February 27, 2012

{academy awards} red carpet all time faves

so before i launch into my round up for 2012, i wanted to share with you my list of the best dressed on the academy's red carpet. to begin..for the world series of oscar fashion..the all time best for me was this valentino on julia roberts..the year she won. how amazing is the white "Y" line against the black? yeesh that's good.
next up (even though how perfect she is makes me aggravated) i did love this ralph lauren pinkly perfect gown on gwynnie the year SHE won.
i think this had people talking for longest..j lo shocking and stopping the world with her brazen gorgeousness in versace..owee.
halle berry the year she won looking so amazing in elie saab.
probably the saddest most gorge winner..sandy bullock
and by far most memorable was cher in her signature bob mackie
who were your faves..and why do the ladies of hollywood know to look best the year that they win?

Friday, February 24, 2012

he da man

i just figured out that my favorite night of the year is just around the corner..OSCAR night!! it is the one thing that keeps me happy in february..because even though we get our light back in a noticable way this month..i barely get any lift from it..and trust me..neither does my skin.
but enough kvetching..the best part of the oscars this year is that billy's back. no more trying to be relevant by putting "major talents" like ann hathaway and james franco in charge. nope. it's back to basics with a guy who is actually funny! this guy is the best in the bizness at this job. come on..he knew how to work a room from the time he could talk..he is gonna be great. you'll see.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

iwannagitit {retail therapy}

do you ever just get that i wanna buy somethin'..or you are gonna die?
during this season of yuckiness..happens every year, one just feels like they gotta get that new thing..cuz that is going to fix the problem.
well for me right now it is..more cashmere..duh! and a new pair of earrings..because i lost ONE earring a couple of weeks back..argh! i mean come on! JUST ONE? whys that gotta go and happen?
so now you can find me trolling around the twist site, barneys, and now..alexis bittar's (seen here) site just wanting some new jewels.
i may need an intervention!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


this is the time of year my look hits an all time low. what can one say..the weather finally has had it's way with me. my skin my hair my nails..arggghhh. BUT! my website is look-eeng goood!
thanks to wonder woman lizzie web designer site has had a genius makeover that has me drooling.
def go check time.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

after a fashion..the carpet rap

so..i have been out of touch. my son fractured his finger the other day, had surgery..and today was recuperating. thank goodness he is fine. and so am i. phew. i can focus on the really important grammy fashion!
first up katie perry post russell with blue hair. need i say more?
fergie..looking fit n' trim showing her undies..don't these girls have moms?
ahem..and here's rhianna in armani looking bodacious and bee you tee ful. i loved this look. no lie.
wha? madonna meets lady gaga. sorry.
queen of the night, adele looking so great. please go watch her 60 minutes interview which made me love her more if that is possible.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

a visit to the country

would love to chat..but the granthams and i are here at downton..and we've all gotten so busy with games of whist, the hunt, sweeping scandals under aubussons etcetera..that i haven't had a moment!
i promise to be back on it tomorrow. ta ta.

Friday, February 10, 2012

panorama gift show booth spring 2012

welcome to our trade show booth! come on in and take a look around!
i can't wait to hear your feedback..

Thursday, February 9, 2012

candy stripes

everyone who knows me knows that if i had my druthers my closet would look like this..
endless striped t for every day and then a few more for good measure!
so i had stripes on the brain this am., and i began to design some new stripey rugs..we will see how that goes..
but in the mean time..
here are some stripes of different stripes to entertain your brains.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


i watched the superbowl on sunday along with over 100 million other viewers..and i loved it all. so there.
my dad has been watching the yankee stadum, the yale bowl, and the meadowlands for over 50 years. he is a HUGE fan. when the giants are ahead..they are never ahead by enough. ahh. but now i am a new england gal. and my boston family lovedores the PATS! so as i see it. i won either way. and i got to see brady. AND madge! who is my idol. didn't you know? yup. since the 80's. so what if she stumbled and hunched. she rocked a real show. and who didn't she have up there? and she was not only egytpoidal themed..she threw in a rome theme too..why not? she's madonna.

Monday, February 6, 2012

on golden pond

one of my fave places on earth is squam lake. aside from the fact that it is rustically magnif in that quintessentially new england-y is the only place i can go to by car for a 24 hour period and feel that i have truly been a good way.
so..for years now i wanted to share the movie "On Golden Pond" with my children, not only because it was filmed on squam which is beloved and known by them..but it really is a great movie! well, we finally watched it together on saturday night, and it did not disappoint.
i laughed and i that's shmentertainment!

Friday, February 3, 2012

nice treat

just arrived back from our week in ny for the show and i was doing some desktop clean know how it is..and i found these lovely images sent to me by my friends at lotus bleu in san fran who had chairs upholstered in our cute hampton links i am jealous..i want it on all my chairs!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

olive and cocoa stopped by..

who doesn't just ladore a modern flower arrangement in a box? yesterday who should stop by the booth but the hot new floral company olive and cocoa.
my mom had just received one of their floral arrangements as a gift last week, and had been saying how gorge it was..and then believe it or not..the peeps from the company itself appeared in our booth..
saying that our vases might be a great match for their flowers..well my my!