Wednesday, September 28, 2011

donna gorman [see design]

i love getting packages..and today we received one from our friend and fellow designer donna gorman.

she sent us 2 blouses from her fun and colorful collection that she shows at the gift show (right down the row from our booth)

from the looks of these pix from her website, it looks like donna does a bit of decorating with her things at her vacation home in puerto rico. you can see the influence of her former employer marimekko in all that she does..and i love the playful spirit of her designs.

i can't live without her stuff.
in fact the big bag pictured above with the hunter boots belongs to me!

thank you donna..see you in january!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

color crush on {persimmon + aqua}

in the spring studio mate erin blogged about her current obsession with red/coral/persimmon jeans which made me think about how delish this color was...maybe i needed a pair of those jeans..

and then came the emmys with piles of amazing red dresses looking so on the money, particularly right now.

next was my sighting of elle decor's october issue with the persimmon trend alert and photos of this seasons many home accents now available in this hot color.

my thought is that when shown with a turquoise/aqua accent this color really vibrates and comes into it's full power. (nota bene the aqua shoe detail on the model above)

we have been showing the chevron with this deep ocean blue we call Loch for quite a while..and we feel it has a very french/sailor vibe..non?
but shown as it is here in the new chevron monogram tray..i believe the color really packs a wallop..hello!

Monday, September 26, 2011

emmy shmemmy part deux

it has been pointed out to me that i am particularly harsh when it comes to my fashion wrap ups, but i figure..these gals have soooo much help figuring out what to wear, with the best of everything to choose from and an army of stylists and pr people and who knows how many minions whose sole job it is to make these girls shine..i figure it is fair game to make a constructive comment here. so there. and therefore.. without further adoo..on with the results. first up whoa!! from the babe from mad men..christina va va va voom hendricks. all i can say is huh? don't get it. was she trying to look naked?
another glee 20something dianna agron trying to look middle the scary shiny satin that makes everyone look huge and frumpy. woopsy.

katie was going for fun n' cas with this sporty look, and the "o i just threw my hair up on top of my head after working out" up do. she has good arms, but i'm not buying tom.

oh are so lovely, but seriously..the gold thing? it's just sad looking.

and then came gwynnie. oh i see. you are thin. congratulations. the pucci lace is magnificent..but as my daddy told me in 7th grade.."no midriffs!"

olivia munn i do not know thee, but it looks like you slept in that thing.

and here is a gal who wants to look like a doll baby.

and zooey (who i love-dore) looking like a country western star in pepto bismal pink

and the winner is..nina dobrev(who?) in this amazing red architecture. it is a bit much..but she is smokin' in it. right?

Friday, September 23, 2011

emmy shmemmy

as usual i am so late on my emmy fashion wrap up it might be a "who really cares" moment..but things looked so bad to my prying eyes this year, i figured i couldn't pass up a fine opportunity to give my hearty goes
oh heidi..por favor! that dress is scary, and considering you are the prettiest girl in the whole entire world, i feel fine asking..what on earth were you thinking? ugh. auf vederzain
this on one of the funniest gals evah..kristen..j'adore you ..but this plunging number makes you look droopy woopy, and way too gloria swanson..oh my. sorry.

next up clare danes in a sonia delaunay for the body? yeesh. the pattern is so distracting and just plain ugly. no.

amy..hello. what were you thinking. this thing looks like a wetsuit. and it makes you look thick and extra short. and i know from short.

lea i am convinced wants to look 50. or she is channeling joan collins..Again!

kate winslet looks pretty good. i love the red..and her bod is killer. fine. B+

this is sofia vergara from the show modern family, and you can't really say anything bad..she is a knockout in the red..right..but i might like to get rid of the crepey wrapping paper.

julian margulies is on a g-d roll..right? she looks.."younger than springtime" . she wins. A.

maybe i will add more next week.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


after my post yesterday about the sleeker herb ritts-y side of the 80's..i thought i would share an earlier (ouch) version of myself in a giant shoulder padded ensemble..oh how i adored that hot pink jacket from ann taylor..i thought it was massively well as tall-i-fying..maybe not.

ah you can see why i have a hard time looking back on the styles of that long ago era.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

kate hines {design star}

last night our boston design salon (a local group i founded that gathers monthly to hear from luminaries in design) got together in cambridge to listen to jewelry designer kate hines share her story of a career in design. to say the least she was amazing, but she mentioned that on her website there is atimeline section that goes way back to the 80's.

naturally i hit it first thing this am..and lookee lookee, there are amazing images from an earlier time.

they really bring you back..right?

best of all these images made me feel less embarassed than i have in a long time about the 80's..and it's style..i mean these pix are so cool!

usually, i cringe when i think about the "get-ups" i wore in those days..but looking at these images i imagine that perhaps it might have been as fabulous as we thought it was then.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

holiday 2011

lizzie of the graphic brilliance has instructed us to get our holiday designing hat on and what should blow our minds..but on the same day the new jcrew catalog arrived to give us the dose that we needed to jump start our color engines. i love this combination..does it say holiday to you?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Big Thank Yous!

this going out to all of you who came to visit us this time at the gift show..many thanks!

Friday, September 16, 2011

[presenting] hampton links pillows

they are 100% belgian linen and hand blocked right here in good ol' massachusetts!

and they come in 5 lovely shades, navy, chocolate, slate, chartreuse, and sand.

home {makeover}

meanwhile..back at the ranch..we are working toward a whole new look at our pad..with the new pillows (imperial trellis)..and the jonathan adler parker cahir in turquoise(!)..a work in progress no doubt.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sticker {makeover}

lizzie made these for our boxes..yay!

they really make me feel like i have ARRIVED! aren't they cute?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hudson's new shop!

our friend jill goldberg, just opened up her new Hudson store over at 12 Union Park St in the soutn end..and the verdict is in! it is so fab-u-lon!
she put hand painted english wall paper on the wall behind the front counter and made it look so modern and fresh..

Annnnddd..she brought in this new collection of "H" signature vases that we made just for her opening. (thank you elements of style for taking such nice photographs!)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

we {heart} kelly market

je t'aime kelly! merci beaucoup for this amazing piece of press!!