Thursday, May 31, 2012

i salute you isaac!

get a hanky ready!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

painter {adam lowenbein}

we went to the countryside for an old fashioned house party this memorial day, and we visited with some old friends who own a house in a town called pond eddy (don't ask).
my friend adam has been making paintings since his days at RISD, and i have ALWAYS wanted to own one.
and now i do!
the images here are from a new series adam is working on having to do with exploring the self and celebrity.
he is using photographs of himself and morphing his own face with that of different famous personages.
these are pretty amazing..right?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hampton Links Aprons

perhaps, you remember that we designed and printed fabric based on our popular hampton links pattern..and then had them sewn into pillows..
well, last week ichiko surprised us by bringing in an apron that she had whipped up made from our chocolate colorway. so cute..right?
what do you think?

Friday, May 25, 2012

oh you wes anderson you!

exsqueeze me? pardon i?
could you just die? this guy is completely absolutely ridunk!
i haven't even seen a scrid of anything about "moonrise kingdom" but i am already in love and obsessed.
oy with this guy. one image more perfect than the next. how DOES he do it? does everyone see what i see when they go to his movies. this is by far the most extraordinary art direction of our none.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


is this what passes for..

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

new fave {charcoal and coral}

this weekend during the trunk show, one of maura's fabby friends wandered in wearing a great shift in a dark charcoalish taupe-y undescribable color..but the kicker was that she was carrying a gorge-y coral-y rouge-ish bag..and it just..well..popped off the the best way.
and seeing as i have had grey on the brain for quite awhile now.
i am dying to get to the drawing table and start figuring out the colors we will use for fall2012!
don't you think this is a winning combo?
when i have it all fidgered..i promise to share..but until then these images will have to do.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

DC Show!

this past weekend we returned to maura's house in washington for our now annual trunk show, and once again it was amaaazing! we had fun meeting all of maura's fantabulous peeps, talking shop, and messing around with maura, pete, and her crew of delightful kiddos. big merci maura! ps. another ridunk design from what can't she do?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Thank Yous

for quite some time now, lizzie (our designer) and i have been discussing what we would like to include on/in the boxes we send out from the studio. we know that when our clients receive something from us they are certainly excited to open their box..but we also know that they deserve to be thanked, and treated to some fun collateral inside that will give them a bit of background on us and how we do things around here.
soo..these are the prototypes that she worked on last week, and along with a couple of wonderful stickers for the outside of the box, i believe we really have got something special here. hooray for lizzie vaughan!
.. thoughts?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Whitney Biennial

a couple of weeks ago, i went to the whitney biennial in nyc. to see where the art's at.
i have not been to this show in like forevah.
so i fidgered, better go back.
and so glad i did. how fun. tons of great stuff to see and ponder. is this "ART"? you will wonder.
but when you walk into the room of paintings by forrest just die.
though most of his pictures were quite small, they were stunning and strange and wonderfully hauntingly mesmerizing.
above "Bodies of Little Dead Children"

Monday, May 14, 2012

momma's day

normally, i am not one for the big i am a don't believe the hype-type of gal. so heading into mother's day..i do NOT get too excited. let us just say i keep expectations pretty low. let's face it. it is a commercial they all are. but sometimes..just sometimes..something beautiful happens. this mother's day i was without my she was working all weekend on a school project with a friend. but we did have our 9 yr old with us. very flustered in the am yesterday he put his fingers to his lips in a shushing gesture..huh? he disappeared, and with much fuss and frenetic energy, i was ceremoniously presented with a soft boiled egg with it's egg-shell on-rolling around inside of a plastic bowl with a wet piece of bread draped on top. hmm. and then this. well i died.
the above looks JUST like me! and look..she is eyeing that wine with quite a bit of enthusiasm..huh? a mani pedi? from my son..pretty sweet!
"hey..i'll give up screens..but don't ruin my weekend mom!"
"i'll read..but you got a month to cash in..period!"
could you just?

Friday, May 11, 2012

the vineyard

we are headed to the vineyard for a weekend of fun with friends..and despite living so close..and loving the beach as much as i do..i cannot remember the last time i was on the vineyard..and yet it is probably one of my favorite places on the planet. seiously..if you do ever get the chance..jump!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

joss and main sale!

wow! joss and main are running another sale this week for my individual plates.
they really do such a beautiful job..
and everything is such a bargain!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

apple green

the other day while exploring kayce hughes' blog, i spied a photo of her little girl dressed up as "fern" for a charlotte's web party, and she was standing against an apple green wall that i totally fell in love with. {..and the kid ain't half bad either!}
now that our hallway paint ISSUE has been resolved..(we used a dreamy shade of pale gray/blue called Iceberg by benjamin moore))
i am now moving onto the dining room which also needs a paint job.
and i think that this fun shade of "mint meets kelly" might be just the ticket.
i feel like it is such a trend color.
now that it is in my consciousness..
i see it everywhere!i mean..where isn't it?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

pierre i don't care!

this morning i was saddened to learn that maurice sendak died. what an enormous loss to all of us. he has been an inspiration and favorite of everyone in my fact i believe i was given "Where the Wild Things Are" for my a friend who knows me well.
"Chicken Soup With Rice", "One Was Johnny", A Alligators All Around", but most importantly "Pierre" were THE songs (as done by the great carole king) of my childhood home. In fact "Really Rosie" was in regular were we cool! to this day i can sing Pierre verse for verse. Pre--tty impressive ..non? The story really is so good and true and wonderful. that maurice really got to the heart of things so simply, and with so much humor.
i loved learning more recently that the monsters in where the wild things are, were inspired by..none other than mr sendak's middle aged jewish relatives..who were always fussing over him in his sick bed.
oh i can just picture it! here's to you maurice sendak. i love you.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Mast Brothers Chocolate

here in our neighborhood of fort point channel many new things are happening. construction trucks are banging constantly, there are workmen everywhere, hotels are sprouting, and it feels like a bit o' mayhem. but with that comes new places to get coffee! so today i discovered barrington coffee at 346 congress street, and while i was waiting for my coffee i noticed these babies..
so beautiful, so thoughtfully packaged in handprinted paper. "crafty" i no one in particular. mast brothers it said on the label in a wes andersonesque font no less..with a sweet "M" that makes you think about 2 stick figures holding hands! come on!..i had to get some, and learn about the magical chocolate (one of my obsessions). turns out it is made by these guys..wait.. seriously? studip gorgeosity obsessivo. preciosativo.
of course they have a factory in brooklyn (check)..and have a religious fervor about starting a new adventure, and creating something in an old/new the video and get into it. they really strike a chord. have you tried it? oh and by the value of the deal..ten dollars..and 28 cents (check).