Thursday, July 28, 2011

demi & patrick

thank you very much sarah really are the best!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

pillow frenzy

tonight's episode is called..pillow tawk cannot stop checking out pillows for the new L.R. first choice has always been the kelly trellis..a big pair as anchors..right?
and then some thomas paul thrown in to go with my turquoise parker chair that will arrive someday.
and then i want texture and romance of foreign lands..
for a taste of the exotic.
so i search the suzani/ikat world, and end up back at trina turk. inevitable cycle.
my awful problem is that i want everything..i am the worst at editing when it comes to decorating! wah..

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

narrow entryway problem

so i am now quite obsessed with all the redecorating needs my house is crying out for. don't you know that feeling when your going along feeling like.."yeah my house has a few chinks in the china, but i'm not complaining.."
and then whammo you just can't stand it anymore..
andd the more you think about it the more stuff you see that needs fixing?
well currently i am posessed by the need for an entryway statement..but our front door opens up onto a the space is reeeaaaaalllly thin. i would love to do one of these concepts shown in the pix..but we only really have 6" to play with here..not really enough for a big table...but this huge mirror with the spot to rest looks nice..
it all looks so effortless when it's done well..right?

Monday, July 25, 2011

amy winehouse.

what can you say?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

obsessed with {hallway paint colors}

i cannot stop thinking about it.. in fact i spent most of sunday worrying over/studying it! currently our hallway is a dark marine/romper room blue. too heinous to photograph. a few years back we got lost in a sea of hermes oranges that looked sickly in the space, so in a fit of haste, my sweet law "fixed" our problem by going out alone to pick a color i ultimately cannot bear.
that being said, i really still cannot choose.
our hallway is very narrow with high ceilings and no light..the obvious thing would be to paint it white..and shut the front door about the whole thing already.
but i am toying with this very aqua shade called palladian blue(second from the top), or elephant's breath a beautiful (it seems) shade of taupe lavender.(top pic)by farrow and ball.
the other distraction is all the different greys that i the cliffside grey (4th from top)
or this is pretty. mary macdonalds this aqua..don't know the me!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

peter fasano's studio

last week at peter fasano's amazing space i made a few documentary vids..and i thought i would share one more.
i just loved the whole vibe he has..only good things could come of all of this..right?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

old navy

i have always known ( ever since i saw bill blass's) that the chicest thing would be to have a navy blue living room.. but the trick is to have a bunch of wooden trim everywhere to balance all the dark..
with tons of bright white woodwork.
luckily my living room desperately needs a makeover..and it has the necessary wooden trim surrounding three very large windows in the front..and our molding at the ceiling and on the floor are very large..soooo

should i go for it?

Monday, July 18, 2011

union jack on fire

i saw a beautiful version of this pillow at Hudson (in the south end) the other day..this one is by henry road and thought..well this might just be the ticket for bringing my whole living room space todgether. but then..dude! i started seeing that the jacks were absolutely everywhere.
which made me think..hmm..maybe it is time i tried my hand at this iconic pattern..i mean..
it would look unbelievable as a brick lamp in our
i love how they are showing up in so many fun shades too.
but my fave has to be the dark blue with red.

must be my british ancestry wafting into the room!

Friday, July 15, 2011

navajo woah!

i love a trend just as much as the next gal. in fact i was right there in high school thinking that the LLBean boot/shoe wasn't such a bad idea after all..or maybe the overscaled giant straw sun hat with ribbon band trailing down my back actually worked! (8th grade) so when i put my ear to the ground and heard it whisper back "navajo" i got a bit worried. i mean you can't argue with this really pretty rug/textile elegantly simple, but the chairs with the kilim vibe brings the late 90's rushing back in, and i am not so sure..
and then they start with this garbage here, and i'm thinking woah there poppy! not so much fer this squaw.
cuz right away i go here..and here to me is not a good hear me?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

hampton links {fabric}

yesterday we went to visit peter fasanohe has a studio in great barrington where he prints amazing fabrics and wallpaper. he has agreed to print our hampton links pattern on an amazing linen we found in belgium. we had such fun checking out how these beautiful things are made..and working out the kinks on our new collection. i made a couple of quick vids to give you the idea..enjoy..

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

{courreges} inspiration

oh how i adore thee courreges even as a kid this look thrilled.
i am pretty sure these space age styles are ready for another close up.
i am not sure how this will make it's way into the fall collection, but let's say i am feeling it.
the black stripe here is killing.

Monday, July 11, 2011

my new flame

hot off the presses!
we have started planning fall 2011! very excited. i think that this pattern plays to the aztec-y hudson bay vibe that is all the rage without being super cloying. what do you think?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Arugula+watermelon+goat cheese = yummy

you are going to thank me later because this thing is to jes' die fer. it is embarrassing how often i make this salad once the hot weather rolls in to town..but you have got to try it.
toss some
goat cheese crumbled ( i know..crumbling?? but try)
a handful of arugula
dice large bite size chunks of watermelon
thin slices of red onion
with a sharp garlic-y vinaigrette ( i klike rice vinegar these days and a splash of maple syrup)
and...Enjoy! i just did..and it is sheer perfection..also ;ovely with some country style toasts.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

o camp!

when i was a kid in nyc. i went off to camp every summer. in the beginning it was yucky old day camp that no one would have liked if they had a brain cell.
but when i was 10 and a half i went off to vermont for the adventure of a lifetime..sleepawaycamp!
and now..lo these many years daughter is experiencing the same the same exact camp that i went to.
to say the least it's a wild experience having your child walk the road that you walked.
but it turns out..i am not the only adult that has crossed this threshold..i am one from the hordes.
many of us feel that camp was THE defining experience of our childhoods.
and i believe that if it weren't for my incredible experience at camp..i would not be the beautiful human i am today!
we got our first letter from our girl today..and she is great! does it get any better?

Friday, July 1, 2011

the coveteur=genius

what could be more fun than a blog that shows you other people's s$#*? nothing..that's what! the lovely erin gates shared this post today..and featuring JA and sr. is not to be missed.
i always said that bravo missed the boat on jonnie..the show should have been this favorite couple just shmmoozin' and whatnot!
and i love that the coveteur has their pithy little this one from simon.." I am anal retentive… AND we have a housekeeper. Paging Joan Crawford! - Simon Doonan"
of course their house is too good. prince and michael jackson heads? ok!
and jonathan with about a million lacoste polos. he personifies 8th grade!
the other thing i love/am angry about is how neat the place is..they credit the that's the trick. who knew?