Thursday, August 30, 2012


my family and i are visiting the cape this week with friends.  this is one of my favorite places on earth..and we are doing one of my favorite things..jes' hangin'.

it is a kid's sport (and truth be told i was taught how to do it by 11 yr olds),and mildly dorky,  but i adore boogie boarding.   wellfleet beaches can't be beat for catching waves.  once you start..even thought he water is fah-reezing, it is hard to stop.  a little wetsuit is a great accessory to own.  i always forget to bring mine.


though this is not exactly the view out of our is a lot like this.  and i am very happy.  thank you gods of vacation for granting me these precious days!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

i heart russell and hazel

i just met the gals at russell and hazel at the new york gift show..and lucky me!! we did a trade for a couple of things!

i have always loved their 'let's get organized in style" products..

but perhaps never thought i was worthy..

but now that i am a proud owner of some super thick and riche gold edged note well as, the rainbow of post it's collection

i think i might be ready for a whole studio makeover..and finally put all of my draw-rings in a proper binder

or two

Monday, August 27, 2012

photographer {adrienne gunde}

it is certainly a time suck, but wandering around the internet can be wonderful..and occcasionally one will unearth gold!  i did recently when i discovered the LA based photographer adrienne gunde.  her still life of our little man ray teardrop vase with the chinese lanterns is craazy pretty.  and it made me want more adrienne..
so off to her blog i went, and there i discovered amongst her many wedding pix..these images from her world travels.  i love this pair from the Louvre because it captures how i felt earlier this summer when i was in the room with the Mona Lisa..check out Mona's paparazzi!!  they cannot get enough of her STARPOWER!

looking at adrienne's photos i realized that though all of us now have an imagemaker (camera) of some kind..we are NOT all photographers!

i mean..i went to paris too..

..and i went to laduree..
so why aren't my images of macarons as lovely?


Thursday, August 23, 2012


ta da!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

southhampton links

 for a good while now, we have offered the hampton links in a limited number of great colors.  this season we put the pattern into overdrive by offering up a crayon box of tonal colors.

it is satisfying to offer our ever popular hampton links in the new ombre style "south"hampton version..because visitors to our studio have always commented on how inspiring our color wall is...and now with all the yummy new color offerings on the cylinders, in a way  we are bringing the color wall to our customers..happy picking!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

donut party!

photo stylist amy hendren sent us these pix this week

it looks like she had a lot of fun with donuts.

i think it is interesting to see how much variation it takes to get the shot juuust right!

do you have a fave?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

the shew

it is a whole lotta crazy goin' on this week at la studio.  putting finishing touches on it all before we go off to NYCcan take it out of a gal..BUT we were excited enough to take a break and ooo and aaaa when we got this in the morning mail..hope you likey.  it features our newest pattern the wianno quatrefoil in perky pink!

Friday, August 10, 2012

naming names

when i start to think along the lines of a new name..i look at the pieces in the collection and start to think about the feelings that they evoke.

so for example..we designed a new candy stripe in a pink/grey combo, and one in a yellow/grey combo.

i know i go on about stripes endlessly, and often my fave to wear is the  classic chanel bateau navy and white style,

but!  the new pattern is not that at is far more frothy..kind of like spumoni..which is italian..which makes me think about all the wonderful stripey beach cabanas that one sees along the coast in Italia..hence the new name for our stripe collection will be...Capri Stripe!

next up ..we have a new Ikat that is very ethnic and chic..which reminded me of early bohemians..crossed with the fabulous Mac II ladies Mica and Chessy (helloooo turbans!)

i struggled/am struggling with this one more than the it is trickier. 

the vibe is boho/bold in classic color combos

the Brandolini Ikat?  Chelsea?  Mayfair?

I am leaning towards..Hoxton Ikat.  You?

I will definitely need a big vaca after this..perhaps to Southhampton..for which we have named our new take on the classic Links pattern.  The new Southhampton Link has a tonal interior, rather than the earlier incarnation that was a contrasting interior..wait til you see!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

loving {atlantic-pacific}

i have just discovered a wonderful style muse..atlantic pacific

she really has my number.

every time she posts she is wearing a new fun outfit..and even though she often reuses pieces

she most certainly spends quite a bit of time shop-ping!

i love her more is more approach to accessorizing,

and her bold as nails color sense.

how about the fact that she is not afraid to mix patterns in one ensemble?

or her "i haven't met a stripe i didn't like?" affect?

someday i wanna be just like her.

what about you?