Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Knight Moves {hearts} JR

The other day I went over to friendly blogger kyle knights fun and fab blog Knight Moves and was delighted to discover..
that i had made kyle's list of fave table lamps not just once.
but ..yup count 'em..4 times!
now that's sah-weet!

Friday, May 27, 2011

expletive overload

i come from a long line of women who curse..well to be honest..not my ladylike grandmother dorothy..but most certainly both of my mothers love/d a good curse word..or maybe a whole long string of them. so let's just say i am no stranger to the f bomb. but i think am through. cee lo green's song "forget you" was a fave until i heard the real thing. (ok so i am out of it..i had no idea the song was really called "F You") i blithely was listening to it on my beloved pandora the other day when i was shocked to learn the real lyrics. wah. i think "forget you" is so so much more charming and smart. wah. everywhere i go in my daily life i am confronted by trashy talkers..and i begin to notice how yucky it is when i am listening to it with my kids. why should i be surprised? look what's on the box? mob wives is essentially a show about lady wrestlers/roller derby queens..taking their fights into the dining room/living room. awesome.
so i am trying to go on an expletive diet. wish me luck.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

in love with: {Atelier halo}

i just discovered this website. ouch.somehow there is perfect logic that the color/pattern queen would fall madly in love with fanny cavin's magical porcelain.
so simple.
so lovely.
quiet and delicate.
i need it. i want it. i gotta have it.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

70's style icon [Halston]

i was a little girl in the 70's, and though i was not aware of most of the very important things..i was very influenced by fashion designer Halston. he dressed all the big names..bianca, jackie, liz, and of course..LIZA!
think about how intensely tacky that era was..i mean all i need to say is wide ties..and you know what i am saying is true. but Halston's clothes were cool and slick and sexy.
and even though i was just a little kid..i knew..this guy's got IT!
i mean you don't have to be tom ford to get how good and prescient the dude was.
lots of these styles would look good today..almost 40 years later.

40 years.
and even though the dude spent a lot of time partying with a bunch of celebrity drug addicts at studio 54..and was probably burning the candle at both ends..
he rocked the fashion thing like nobody's business.
i mean come on Halson.
you're killing me.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

website {update}

lovely lizzie vaughan (studio operative) recently updated our new website adding some fun pages to our about section.
i just love the fun look of this section and all the fun photos and videos to click on.
if you haven't checked it out..it is definitely time!

Monday, May 23, 2011

W Hotel in Washington DC

Lucky lucky us! we stayed at the DC W Hotel on Friday night..cool!but it turned out that despite the great press on this hot spot, it just may have been too hot for us two.
we arrived at the W very late at night after our event, and there was a phalanx of doormen standing in front of the door blocking our entry into the hotel! inside there was a real hot clubgoer party vibe happening, and we just wanted to go to bed!
our room felt like something right out of scarface..with an uber 80's vibe..but before we hit the hay we took a peek at POV the hot nighclub on the W's roofdeck. the view is outrageous, you can see everything in DC..but the beat was too pumping for our tired selves and we quit the scene early.

after a serene night of sleep, we had a quiet breakfast downstairs in the dining room, and it was lovely and delish.. but all in all i think we will stay in a less piping hot spot for our next biz trip to DC.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

headed to washington dc!

..so if you just happen to be in the neighborhood come on by for a visit!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

{Studiomates} brooklyn studio

the new york times had a fascinating article the other day about a collective work environment known as studiomates that is located in (duh) brooklyn!
i had never heard about an office like this one, but after reading the article it sounds like they are cropping up all over in places like cambridge and toronto where individuals have businesses whose only employee is the biz owner and their only major piece of equiptment is a laptop. if only!
studiomates looks like a fun place to work every day..i mean check out the view of the bridge! and you can bring your dog!(though i didn't see any babies..maybe?) and when once upon a time your office would have been the starbucks..now you have a whole roomful of people to share your ideas with, get feedback, and find a yummy place to get takeout! j'adore...maybe 369 congress will be the next place for a studiomates type of loft to crop up..we shall see.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

my living room [needs help]

i don't mind admitting that i am no decorator, and for more years than i would like to admit my living room has been in trouble. it is an agony to be a designer and live with such sad furnishings. so last month i marched myself over to our local jonathan adler shoppe, and said to the kindly and comely Andrew, "Help me!". believe it or not, without hesitation, he marched over here just like that! amazingly, he pronounced the space fixable! hah! we are "blessed" with too many chairs in the room, he said..and deftly proceeded to remove our bummy barcelona chairs from the living room and put them cozily in our bedroom for extra seating. our tragic modern boxy chairs (covered in a heinous bordello crushed velvet) he pronounced un-save-able..and sent them to the trash. he produced a photo of this..the parker chair..and commanded us to order it..okay!
in this turquoise fabric.
he felt confident that grouped with my pair of '70's magical swivel chairs in this funky roberta roller rabbit dotty fabric..and my new hex rug on the floor..
along with a bunch of new turquoise/navy pillows tossed around..

that my brown couch and my paprika linen drapes, as well as a whole bunch of other mismatched shenanigans will all start to make design sense!
i can't wait!

Monday, May 16, 2011

christopher spitzmiller {cutie pie guy}

christopher spitzmiller has been on my radar for a long time now due to the simple fact that his colorfully elegant lamps are ubiquitous in all the top shelter mags.
and that is why i was delighted on saturday (at sister sandra's wedding) when mimi (my mom) pulled me over to meet christopher in the flesh.
it is not often that two ceramic lamp makers get to meet face to face at a wedding. well, to say the least he was uber charming, and delighted to share share share!! so natch conversation was a breeze..we have so much to learn from each other about our experience in the biz. unfortunately, we were shortly pulled to opposite sides of the room and did not get a chance to reconnect..but he invited us to visit his studio in NYC next time we are down..
and i told him..right back at ya christophe!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

the e list comes to design salon

i am all excited because one of my very bestys, erica tannen of the e list is coming to the design salon may 25th to talk about how she has become the maven for things good and yummy along the shoreline of connecticut. more importantly, she will reveal how she has taken a $imple online newsletter, and turned it into a profitable biz..a neat trick!
what i love is that i always said that she was one of the most interesting, and creative business minds that i have ever known, and now she is proving it again by becoming one of the most innovative entrepreneurs of the new wild west that is the internet. come join us when we host erica at the fabulous offices of joss and main in boston.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

nightmare fashion

lawrence wants to wear this-ish to the wedding..uh-oh!tragedy! emergency! i am dying. these double breasted/big shoulder padded jackets from the early 90's just make me think about ..this..and this really makes me think about..