Friday, November 30, 2012

twelve chairs {the bestest}

the other night we held our monthly boston design salon meeting at  the always fabulous twelve chairs in fort point channel.  the shop is run by a charming and talented duo designers miggy mason and roisin giese.

the shop is chock-a-block with wonderful finds for every occasion..i dare you to leave empty handed.  (i nabbed a new  yummy scented candle tatine's woodsmoke)
not only are these ladies amazing, generous people (we've hosted more than a few salon nights in their shop), they are brilliant interior designers..and their artistically curated shop is a testament to their mega skills.

                             what can i say..they like me too!  [pieces above are a collaboration]                                                           

their focus is on being earth friendly in all that they do..can i get an amen?

ooo lookee lookee! they like lawrence mcrae (coral bowl above) almost as much as i do!

i adore all of their artful vignettes.

so simultaneously cozy and modern

and when you are next in our ever groovifying sure to give us both a visit..cuz we're not just friends & collaboators...we're neighbors too!

{grey and gold}..what she said

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Super 20% Off Sale + $20 for Sandy

ain't life grand?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

roasted veggies

years ago my friend chris behan taught me that nothing is easier to make or more importantly more delicious than roasted potatoes..his recipe was a snap.  lots of salt and pepper plus olive oil and then more salt..if you are in the mood an rosemary for flair!  oh..oven at 400 degrees for voila..genius cookery!
then i realized that the recipe worked for a whole lot of red onions..and green beans (add some lemon zest here)

asparagus for kids fave..and tonight we will see..
brussel least i'm excited.

Monday, November 26, 2012

ski/apres ski

ugh.  i have got to get a new winter jacket!!  the temps are diving rapidly and the ol' northface from 4 seasons ago is a bit on the ratty side.  i decided back then after being a diehard shearling fan..that what one needs here in merry new england is a lightweight/washable down coat.  so the shopping started here at LL Bean.  i like the color/price of $179..but are there other options?? she asked hopefully.
it turns out that (natch) there are..and the prices rise steeply and quickly..this is from bogner with a raccoon trimmed hood $649...not bad.

now this is where the petal hits the metal.  moncler lacquer @800 smacks. i like this one fo sho.

fur trims..are these necessary?  these say apres more than ski.

woah! a lot of info..too much message..and over $1000

i am very drawn to the white..

this is from kjus..whaaa?  but it is $350..more reasonable def.

white..sporty..meant for the slopes..and $500. (from bogner) what is a girl to do??

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

a new capsule collection {erin gates for jill rosenwald}

for quite some time now, my uber talented studio mate designer erin gates and i have been discussing a collaboration of sorts.
we are proud to announce that the result is this striking private label collection "hatton" by erin gates for jill rosenwald!

it includes tabletop, decorative pieces, as well as  two oval lamps. and all are available in two with peony and j crew with mint.

 right now and for the next 2 days erin's site is offering the pieces for sale to be received just in time for the holidays! don't walk.

Monday, November 19, 2012

searching for sconces

certainly not this.

over the weekend, i helped my friend tania search for sconces for not only her bedroom, but her dining room as well.  we were so disheartened by our local lighting shop that had a lot of items that just made us sad.
so we looked online and discovered that in contemporary/modern lines there is a lot of aye aye captain style.

the other style that is quite prominent is the serviceable, handsome sconces that sort of say you don't want to sayanything for fear it might be the wrong thing..arghh!  OH..but then we walked over to jonathan adler's shop and fell in LOVE!

in love with MEURICE!!
{the meurice} felt fun and flirty, def made a statement..and at $250 a pop the price was irresistible. AH! but by that time we couldn't

 we sat online for a while..check out these anemones from fab right?

and then we hit 1st dibs..which just blew us away.  we discovered 70's austrian glass ones made to look like icicles..craaazy

and these from the 90's from garouste and bonetti..gorgeous and giaccometti-ish..but pric-ey!

BUT wait..there is OCHRE too!  and a trip down sconce avenue would not be complete without a visit to their inimitable lovely they are priceless.  {could not find any prices on the web}

have you any secret sconce sources?

Friday, November 16, 2012


lizzie and amy rock a brand new mug campaign..i just love the way that this pic turned out..mmmmmarshmallows

Thursday, November 15, 2012


it is cold in our apartment tonight.

it's fall and i can't get up.
these days no amount of bronzer is doing the trick!

maybe if i think super cozy thoughts i will start to feeeel it

mmmm pie.

mmmm cozy sweater.


and yummy eggs.


big scarf..

creamy mushroom soup..

{it's sort of working}

reading in front of the fire..

did i make it any better for you?