Monday, February 28, 2011

Ret Ro! {Oscars Bummer}

ooooh oscar night how i love thee..let me count the ways!

the truth is that basically the oscars are the super bowl for designistas everywhere..period. and yes it IS about the fashion, but it is also about the yummy gestalt of the whole shmeery night. you ALL know i'm 'nuf said. we were invited to my cutie friend tania's for champagne and pizza..and thinking (as she's a brit) that it sounded super classy..i got all glammed up in my new nanette lepore frock..a fur "scarf" from the 40's ( hilarious!)and a bunch of bling, and headed out the door with the whole fam in tow..i was psyched! but after lots of fun watching the red carpet (mostly dull..but still i worship) the fun was over. little miss anne took to center stage, and...bombed.(was james franco even there?) unfortunately ms. hathaway has an overinflated concept of her own skill sets. lawrence thinks that this is what comes of a "no are all winners" policy in the schools..hee hee..maybe he's right! the whole night i kept missing old billy crystal..and to make things worse..he actually showed up looking cute just to rub it in! oh well. maybe next year the powers that be will hire someone with some comedic billy crystal. hah!
so without further oscar fashion roundup. first we have miss anne wearing valentino, and as far as i am concerned she crushed everyone in this gown. pure fabulosity, and valentino was standing there by her side..beaming! he was eating up the "i may be out of a job, but i can still rock the g-d runway peeps"
next up.. jennifer lawrence, (new dad said winter's bone was great!") wearing calvin who i say is a genius..but as ol' estee lauder was wont to say.."she should get a good bra!" i think the look is tacky on her..sorry.

hailee seinfeld the cutie from "true grit" which i actually saw..loking like sweet perfection in this dress from marchesa..lovely and sweet.

people said they loved michelle in this dress from chanel..but i say it looked flat and dull, and she looked washed out..i think that's her subtle she disappeared!

i also heard people say they adored mila kunis in this lilac hued elie saab, and though i loved the color on her..the lacey bits looked messy..and grandma doily day to moi.

this burgundy dolce number on miss johansen was weirdly see through in sort of a bad way, and didn't do it for me..but i liked the peek a boo back..and her kooky hair. really the truth is scarlett is so gorge it doesn't really mattter what she has on..right?

amy adams wearing navy blue L'Wren Scott sparkly with the chinese cheongsam vibe did nothing for jill..i was wondering about the no decolletage last night..was there a memo?

and then here comes the princess of hollywood natalie portman..who is so lovely you want to shoot her..wearing purple! which i hate. this is also a huge year for purple and i will admit that it did look good on her.

i felt that jennifer hudson ( who despite her personally tragic year..everyone kept referring to as looking so happy..which we know is code for thin) in the orange versace gown looked super stunning. she did have "the girls" on display..but i thought that they did looked smooshed into the dress and weird...wardrobe!

cate blanchett must be one avant garde confident chick..because this gown by givenchy(?) looked bizarre and space alienesque..but really..what does she care..she looks like a queen compared to the rest of them.. be be continued.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Rug {NEWS!}

i just heard from Surya (the good people who manufacture our rugs) that these rugs from the different collections will be in production soon and available online by this summer!

i feel like it has been a really long wait..but apparently this is how it works. stay tuned for a chevron rug design in some candy hued brights that will follow soon after.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

hand dancing

i know you all have seen least on mcdonalds commercials..but wonderful is this hand dancing video performed and choreographed by Suzanne Cleary & Peter Harding? soo cool. it makes me kinda want to learn how to do it!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

{weddings} sigh

my sister sandra is getting married this summer, and so this weekend, my other sister cynthia her 2 daughters, my daughter, and i all headed to L'elite on newbury st to try on dresses.

to say the least the whole wedding thing is a daunting task and definitely one for someone with a clear concept of what they want.

not only is it important to get it clear what kind of color theme you will want on each of the dresses, on each of the groomsmen, in your bouquets, and the trim on the flowers, but then you have to imagine what a dress will look like on the day of because when your girls try it on in the shop it will surely not be in their size!

then you have to make the enormous leap of faith that the whole shmear is going to look like someone thought the whole thing through and everyone and everything looks good togerther in the venue.

..well i was overwhelmed..and i already got married..

i don't exactly remember, but as i recall i didn't worry too much about the overall effect..i mostly cared that everyone would have fun, and that my dress would be great!

all the pictures are from the terrific blog style me pretty.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Etsy {SALE!!}

we are very excited to announce that we have started our annual winter blowout clean out some inventory! please visit us at our etsy shop.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Newport Gate Coper Bowl in Chartreuse

this puppy came out to meet us on valentines sweet!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

bill cunningham doc

i just read on the sartorialist that there is a bill cunningham documentary coming out in march. he is the wonderful octegenarian chronicler of fashion in the new york times, and i have read that he himself lives like a church mouse, and dresses in a shop coat..riding a 3 speed through manhattan..i can't wait!!

in love with: {charlyne yi}

this weekend i watched Paper Heart with michael cera (love him) and charlyne yi fall in love in a movie about a documentarian making a movie about love and finding it, as she does not believe it is out least for her. she and michael are great oddball counterpoints to one another, and i was completely charmed by the whole thing! best of all charlyne is a magical animator whose mini films on love that accompany the movie are pure magic.

Monday, February 14, 2011

grammys my way

i admit it..i am a sucker for awards season, and the grammys are no exception! last night i was glued, of course, til i fell asleep! i did catch the lady gaga being reborn, and though my all knowing mother said she was "fabulous! a genius!" i wasn't buying..i kept having deja vu madonna thoughts. and those weirdo bumps on her shoulders looked just like madonna's pointy boob bra had migrated up! sorry! on the other hand, i did like the cee lo gwynnie duet with those fabby muppets..cute! and i love that gwynneth is working it as much as she can to promote that scary looking "country strong!" ooeesh!

the rhianna (can't get enough) eminem & friends watch me burn medley was mesmerizing..i thought the flaming set was a terrific touch..though not very subtle!

another highlight for my night was this dolly tribute with norah jones singing jolene with johnny depp doppleganger john mayer and ol' keith urban.

Friday, February 11, 2011

beware:{the dreaded ugg boot}

oy vey with the uggs! if you have a know what i fact probably could stop there..but let me just say..that not only do i detest these awful $$ they are ungainly and ugly, and irresistably cozy, and badly made, and fall apart in a few days, and were never meant to be worn in the wet wet wet northeast..but the girls they gotta have em! so what do i do? like a fool i got suckered into buying a pair from a rip off site called that will never ever send me those darn boots! i am no expert..but i think that if you do end up making the plunge..make sure you buy them from zappos or another reputable site..or suffer like me!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Date Night!

tonight lawrence is taking me to the movies to see True Grit, and out for a drink..amazing. i am so excited. i admit to being a long time jeff bridges fan..i do love me the "dude", and with award season upon us i do like to be prepared for the oscars, BUT i am a tad worried. i saw "crazy heart" this week, and it was a shonda! what a lot of fuss over a drunk mess of a man messing up again and again. i get tired of seeing drunk guy stories. the whole tale is so obvious..just like a freight train coming at you, the thing practically writes itself. maybe i lived it one too many times! well, hopefully tonight will have a bit more pleasures. here's hoping!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

erin gates: {style guru}

friday, january 28th we were madly rushing to load up our van and high tail it to NYC to set up for the gift show..but we had urgent last minute design tweaks on the brain..

our friend elements of style blogger erin had mentioned that it would be killer if we used an Ikat print on one of our shades for lawrence's chalet lamp. she also mentioned that her friend donna of Fabricadabra had the perfect print..and might be able to jet us over a few samples..

and that is exactly what happened! we got the fabric on friday afternoon, and as we were madly packing boxes..jessica handily set up to glue the lovely charcoal and white silk ikat to the shade.

the result is "bananas!" according to ms.gates..and all i know is that they went ape for it at the gift show! merci beaucoup..donna and erin!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

hooray for elle decor!

our chevron vase made it to the front page of elle decor online! i mean..who doesn't want to be on the front page? well...maybe.. if you're not bernie madoff!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

ny gift show!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

in love with: {ETSY}...again!

post gift show sunday, and i am enjoying doing practically nothing watching some of the amazing video posts on etsy. this completely stunning one is about loving your most individual self to get through the pre to post teenager angst filled years. enjoy these heartfelt stories!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

put a bird on it

the talk of the gift show