Thursday, September 30, 2010


i had a big wake up call recently when i was "friended" by an old college chum on facebook. i am sure this is something that happens to us all regularly, but for me this guy was a symbol of the dawning of a new day. i mean this guy was a major cutie in school..and today..well let's just say he is unrecognizable! most definitely not cute. now i may be living in a dream world, but i do not think that i am beyond the valley of the recognizable..where all traces of my former adorable self have left the room? or am i? what about these celebs. how are they doing? they seem to be rocking it!
i once read this wonderful piece by fran liebowitz who said that she always thought that there were certain kinds of know old people..middle aged people and then the young people..she felt that she was one of the young people. and that was it. the way it was going to stay. forever! hah! what a crock! i thought to myself i too was one of the young people. forever! but that's most certainly not happening. so what are you going to do? aging is unavoidable!
so i say..more yoga, stay away from those carbs, and enjoy it! because hey.. i'm not so bad! and as my dad says, the alternative doesn't rock either.

Friday, September 24, 2010

newport gate making a splash

i didn't realize it at the time when i snapped this picture of a back bay balcony that it would ultimately become the inspiration for our brand new pattern Newport Gate. now everyone and her brother are jumping over themselves to snap up our pieces with this modern take on a very classic motif.
i am sending out this bowl today to glamour magazine for their upcoming gift guide for the holiday season..
and these beauties have landed with rachel ray who wants them for her magazine! hey now!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

jill on film

i used to be the snobbiest of film critics, and i didn't like anything unless it was completely non-commercial. well i suppose all of that is completely gone from my system, as it seems these days there isn't a movie i don't like. (this is a bit of an exaggeration) i guess it comes with age, but it seems to me i am just happy to have some free time to sit down! much less get a bit of entertainment thrown in as a bonus. (i liked marmaduke! ned i say more?) so it is with a bit of embarrassment that i admit i was delighted last night by a seth rogen vehicle (j'adore) called "zack and miri make a porno" it was directed by kevin smith (clerks) which explains the style of dialog.
i will share the youtube clip. you be the judge.

Friday, September 17, 2010

craaaazy studio

i realize that in the real world (new york) people are hurrying around enjoying fashion week and the glamorous life..but up in the provinces(boston) we are going absolutely mad for packing up orders orders orders! people cannot get enough of our fabulous links vases..(thank you House Beautiful!) so here is a sneak peek at the inner workings of the studio in full swing.
the rolly cart packed with orders going out
the links vases here in their first stage of the painting process..ready to get their first coat of glaze

hampton links vases lined up and ready for the glazing bucket.
boxes boxes kingdom for recycled boxes!
tools of the trade. i hope all the people out there who ordered these lovelies will long enjoy their piece of sunshine from our happy studio!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

back to school blues

at my house it's back to school this week, and i don't know about you..but the whole thing makes me a nervous wreck. as a kid, i notoriously got freaked on sunday nights..just anicipating what horrors monday would bring. now as an adult, my kids who are perfectly well adjusted blithely prepare while mommy needs a pill! just think about how many things there are to worry about..bullies..we know a couple of thugs we would love to live without..and then if we can avoid the mean kids..will my little precious have a friend to be his/her main dude?
school work and home work, and pushing the kids too hard..
and then the endless lists of supplies..don't forget anything important mom!
appointments! signing up for soccer and then remembering to buy the sports equipment. yeesh. i will be so happy when next week gets here..and i can relax!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

chevron final

i am pleased to say that after it was all said and done..people did love these babies at the nygf, and i too was satisfied. so i thought i would share this sweet image of all of the pieces lined up together! now..what'snext?

Thursday, September 2, 2010


we took the kids "back to school" shopping yesterday, and my report is in! the word on the streets is "STRIPES"!!! i don't know what the deal is..but everywhere you looked at the mall the story was stripes and more stripes. now anyone who knows me will tell you i have embarrassed myself with the striped shirt thing. it was my uniform..banana republic navy striped long sleeved T over everything..dress it up or dress that thing down..but i never took it off. at this point my husband will tell you..he groans every time he sees another striped shirt!
the truth is that i haven't had a new one for over 5 years (he hasn't noticed yet) simply because i even was too embarrassed! but if you do any shopping this are going to have to work pretty hard to avoid this major trend...i will now admit i bought 2 great ones at H&M.
the only other thing we noticed in our mall research was the BIG shirt idea. we used to laugh-this was such a prevalent style in the 80' was always.."hey..what am i gonna wear?..oh yeah..i know..i'll put on the big shirt (with the giant shoulder pads ..ahem..according to my sources these are back (wtf? really??)..and wear it BELTED over the leggings!" oy! i think the belts are back too..but i get pretty confused as to how i am supposed to wear it on the waist and tight..or low slung and loose? double oy!
the number above is from the bout putting a big cockamamy flower thingy on TOP of the stripes..ok!
thankfully it looks like you can wear the big striped shirt just in the brrr photo above! i remember! we have Pablo to blame! oh well! i must admit i still love this look and i will most certainly be sporting it around town. sorry world.