Thursday, March 31, 2011

designer crush on {simon doonan}

what with this guy? i adora-bile and talented is simon doonan? for a million years he has been the genius behind the amazing windows and creative direction of barneys new york. hello? and can he write? yes! he is funny on paper..and that's no mean trick either.

long before my work graced the shelves of the barneys chelsea shop (having been annointed by her majesty mrs. pressman) i was a big fan of sir doonan..

this guy turned a forgotten art (that of window dressing) into one of new york's great treasures. and to this day, when i stroll by the tragic macys windows of downtown boston..i just shake my head and simon does..why wouldn't everyone want to be a window dresser?

i was lucky enough to meet simon many years ago at a cocktail party given by my friend jonathan adler at their lair downtown. it was really fun to be there with all the gift show glitterati (hah!) but most of all i was touched by simon doonan.

at the time he was the uber fmous powerhouse in the room ..but as it was jonnie's night..simon played hostess, taking care of everyone's drink needs..hanging up coats..and politely staying in the background, letting his beloved hold center stage..i thought, now this is one charming fellow..and i have been a devoted fan ever since!! check him out here in this fun video and tell me..could the guy get any cuter? DE-LISH!

ps. the guy's signature look is a liberty print cacharel style button down..cuteness! right?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Talbots {who knew?}

hello talbots! have you been there lately? oh you should go! the place has had a major chicness face lift..either i turned into granny over night..or this little shop is giving us a whole new thing to check out.

i had yet to darken their door in this lifetime (though i do admit to being a big longtime fan of their fab little summer loafers)until yesterday. and because i had heard good things i thought i would poke my head in..and what a shock lay in store!
there were many items that i coveted instantly..and that is saying a lot. i need the little chanel-y jacket. and now that i have had such a terrific talbots dose..i am smitten by the julianne moore ad campaign..i mean how gorge are the colors in her photos?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

food truck!! CLOVER

the other day i took the plunge and walked over to the clover food truck (plopped down in the center of dewey square) which i had previously thought only sold herbal teas (boring/elitist/yuck!)..i don't know what gave me that idea..perhaps the name? clover..hmmm?

it turns out that i was quite wrong..this is a food truck with heart and operation i can really sink my teeth into..ha! if you happen to wander over to their adorable website these guys are people who really care about what they are feeding you. they want your interaction and feedback. they are friendly. they want to make sure not only are they serving something yummy, but something that is also healthful, and not unnecessarily overly caloric! can you stand it? lawrence told me that he tried some of their breakfast things this am..and he is so picky! he reports uber yum!! now i can't wait to have one of their offerings..that mushroom sandwich sounds amazing..and i am fascinated by the egg and eggplant makes my mouth water..ooh yes! i do love good food!

Monday, March 28, 2011

in memoriam {liz taylor}

when people use the expression "fierce" i always think of elizabeth SHE was fierce. one year at our annual giant new year's party..for "fun" my friend judith and i decided everyone NEEDED to watch "who's afraid of virginia wolfe?. what a gas and a half that turned out to be! it was a fantastic way to clear out the room..i don't think anyone was left! i was very sad to hear that she died because i loved her movies..did you ever see giant? awsome.

Friday, March 25, 2011

el triunfo & cyrille conan

the other night the kids and i stopped by one of our favorite burrito joints in the south end..el triunfo. they make them quick and yummy...and they are easy on the wallet too.
the kids thought it would be fun if we went to their newly opened expanded dining area..and so we did!

i got increasingly distracted by the very cool paintings that adorned the walls of the space..they were made by a local artist cyrille conan.

they are a wonderful pastiche of various elements..iconic sketches, abstract color field, and graphic graffiti text.

the one in the restaurant is my favorite..but alas it is not for is the property of the owner. i spoke to cyrille the next day..and he gave me the address of his when is certainly worth a look see..

Thursday, March 24, 2011

rugs on the move..

do you see what i see? from the looks of can order my (hex etc.) new rugs now from surya..i just found this exciting {behind the scenes} photos on their facebook page..and if you hear anything..let me know!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


fabulous and faithful studio assistant lizzie just sent over this sneak peek of what will be our new website..i am very excited about the way it looks so far, and i cannot wait to see it finally launch..hoooooray!

Monday, March 21, 2011

rosewood maya {wow wow}

yesterday my sister in law claudi and i walked up to one of the most glamorous beach resorts i have ever seen..the rosewood mayakoba.

we had discovered it a few days earlier on one of our little beach strolls and gone up to check it out.

these pix do not lie. the place is absolutely magnificent, and the aesthetics are a perfect ten.

we made reservations to have dinner there tomorrow night to celebrate a family birthday.and the people who helped us could not have been nicer.

claudi even got a chance to speak to the chef who is also german (like claudi) and they had a big blab over a special vegetarian menu for the say the least i am very much looking forward to spending a bit of time over where the air is that much sweeter.

Friday, March 18, 2011

paradise {lost and found}

the family and i arrived in this mexican paradise on wednesday and we are having a heavenly time. the sun, the sea, the air, the relax..i am sure you get the picture. we are having a major cool down to say the least. we are staying at one of those all inclusive hotels..which i will admit has it's perks..but there are some unfortunate aspects to it as well..and it has me thinking back to one of my favorite books, dr. seuss' the which only the star bellied sneetches got to enjoy the good times with others of their kind at their weenie roasts on the beaches

here at the resort there are several "levels" of cool..if you have the leather bracelet you get to sit in a special roped off area on the beach..and a special room in the cafeteria..where you can enjoy the company of only those of your "class"..unfortunately i find their roped off world to be entirely undesirable, claustrophobic, and yucky..hey they're still in a cafeteria yo!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

oy with the mugs!

studiomate, friend and musey mentor erin gates just posted this chevron mug on her popular blog-elements of style. we made the mug for erin as a prezzie because she is the reason we ever did the chevron style in the first place..we resisted..she insisted! well people..the same with the mugs. for years they have been asking for no we say! the mug is a h-u-g-e pain to make..oy with the shape..the smallness..and don't get me started on that stupid handle! trust me. so with that i challeneged her to post the mug and the very high price tag of $80 dollars..and a new star was born. that's all i'm gonna say...

Monday, March 14, 2011

the urban hound hotel

the other day after reading elements of style blog i discovered that a new hotel for dogs! opened in boston..the urban hound...and it is amazing!

look at the treats by the check in..can you stand this? is this how the modern do get's treated when mama and papa go away?

this place really is unbelievable, and it makes me want a dog today more than i wanted one yesterday.

i mean check out the amazing play area..more fun than at home..way!

Friday, March 11, 2011

super schwet! {the tree hotel}

a little while ago i came accross this mind boggling hotel in sweden

it is called the tree hotel..understandably

and it is in harads

will you take me there?

i need a vacation..and this place looks sublime. hmm the new yorker and the tree hotel..perfect.

oh i remember..i am going to cancun! yeah!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

high beachwear anxiety

so we're going to cancun on wednesday, and really i can't wait!

but like most women i do not really look forward to buying a new swimsuit, and i have been known to wear the same old favorite for years..and years!
this year i admitted to myself that i had to retire my tankini which by the way is probably THE most unflattering style ever as it always highlights one's muffin top!

so despite my aversion to rucheing and one piece suits i got this one from calvin..and i have to say i am thinking it's a keeper!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

theo jansen's {strandbeests on the beach}

once again my friend tracy delivers another amazing sculpture video of creatures that come to life in the wind..i loved enjoy!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

studio images by [ebony hurr] snow & graham

back in the fall my darling friend ebony of snow and graham visited our studio, took some great shots, and then posted them on her blog.

she made these great collages of our space and our i thought i would share them with you. thank you ebony!