Tuesday, January 31, 2012

living {it up} at the NYIGF

i am so sorry to have been so out of touch with y'all, but we have been working it at the new york gift show for the past few days..showing our wares. it is totally consuming , exhausting, and wonderful to thrive and survive the event..but somehow i always love showing off all of our new work! (more later on that)..so until the end of the week it is perhaps, adios amigos.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


today is a whirlwind of making it happen at our studio because on friday we drive to NYC to set up the show..meanwhile back at the ranch..we dream of gianni agnelli on his yacht..inspiring us as we work.

Monday, January 23, 2012

helllloo NYIGF!

looks like we're ready!

Friday, January 20, 2012

missoni inspiration

ever since we did these pink bargello style mugs that are a fixture in the studio..
i have been asked to work on a missoni inspired print.
i had a look at their spring runway as well as some other 2012 looks..and we spent today working out the kinks for our spring collection. when the pieces come out of the kiln..i will share with all of you!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Big Thank You!

etsy shopper rachel wrote me today saying how much she loves her new chevron rug that we designed for surya..and was kind enough to send this pic of it from her adorable home.
and if that wasn't enough, this week is a one kings lane sales event with our rugs and they had this ce-ute pic of the new hex rug with hunter boots..love.
surya has also introduced some great new styles for our collection that echo some of our punchy prints we use in our pottery line..
i cannot wait to see these babies in person..they look so cool..
particularly the gate.
wondering what you think.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


last week style guru erin gates and photographer sarah winchester set up a very fun photo shoot at the studio.
we had been discussing the looks for months, and finally it was time to pull the trigger..and take the pix.
taking on a project like this is exciting, but it requires a ton of work, inspiration, and a complete vision.
i have to say..i was so impressed with everything these two put together.
doesn't the pottery look beyond delish? positively glowing.
merci beaucoup ladies..and a special mention to Oliver who stole the show..right?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

the globes part deux {meh}

not to be completely awful, but i keep thinking isn't there one pretty dress in this whole world that these girls (who can have ANY dress they desire) could put on? ok..so here goes. my fave of the evening was kate beckinsale who looked flawless (in my eyes)..and to prove it seth rogen said he was sporting wood just standing next to her..but then again..
in addition sofia vergara rocked that bod of hers in this azure miracle of folds..loved this look. and i guess that's it. the rest were..uhh. meh.
starting right here with her royal M-ness in an amazing dress that was waay too small for her. which is saying a lot because she is so small and wiry. (not to mention sooo weird with that accent and her oh so bizarre face lifts)
i love natalie..but i fear for her. she seems on the verge of becoming the next queen of hollywood (after angelina abdicates her throne) and it's gonna be downhill from there. the weird side bustle on this otherwise pretty dress is the first clue.
here is dianna from glee in a red dress that can't make up it's mind..am i an industrial design project or a prairie skirt?
michelle is so lovely and sweet..but whazzup with the navy velvet burnout leopard..huh? i didn't get it.
ok..then my new favrit stahr emma stone looking all grecian/star warsish/shee-ra..power eagle belt buckle. too concept-y. come on emma..can't you have some fun without being a droid?
oh..and charlize..come on lady. i mean who is more perfect than you? so whazzup with the mullet dress..woopsy.
and then there's clare..whose dress was so gorge in the back..but hon..who saw that? the front put you on the star wars bus with emma..at least the 2 of you will have fun..(poor angelina..think she has ANY friends but brad?)
oh well. that's it. i am sure i missed the best best dress..but for the most part i was sort of bummed about the clothes..even though i didn't miss a minute. to be honest i am looking forward to oscars real soon!

Monday, January 16, 2012

the globes gallop in with a bump-it!

ok..it's baaa-ack. awards season! let the fun commence! today i am sharing my bloopers. i may not know a thing about fashion..but i can't help weighing in with an opinion..everyone else is doing it!
at our house we noticed a lot of tall hair dos. we thought their might have been a special on Bumpits! at the stop and shop.
or the stylists had a memo out...i mean is this a good trend?
and seriously..the hair on sarah michelle on top of the tie dye was ridunk.
and then came zooey channelling marlo thomas's That Girl at a halloween party..love her..but whatevs.
and then more bizarreness from tilda..which is to be expected i guess..
cutie pie reese stopped us in our tracks with her mae west flick saloon girl #4 get up..what is up with that? didn't anyone tell her?
ugg. angelina..you feeling ok? being the queen of hollywood looks like it's got you down girl! what happened?..you look like a sad vampire..not a bite in months.
i do get that salma is fab..but why is she wearing a metal breast plate..does it make a short girl feel powerful?
and here comes jessica biel with 3..wha?
once again lea michelle desperate to look old..wins the liza minelli FLAIR! award.
and sorry..but as gorge as kate is..she does not know how to pick a good stylist..dump-y.
ditto nicole. but she has the added bonus of looking like she died.
ok..need i say more..i mean elle mcpherson looking beyond absurd in this caraazy gown with the mini wings by the boobs..i mean who is whispering in the ears of these girls..it's the emperors new clothes every time!
see you tomorrow with my favorites.

Friday, January 13, 2012

boy heaven

guess where i went today? skyzone, that's where! my son is 9 today, and his wish was to literally bounce off the walls in hyde park. i had never been, but i assure you this place is worth every penny you pay. the kids play and jump for an hour or so, burn off steam, and make you a god for providing them with such bliss. ah..2012..i love you. now just tell those people at that place to add some nice starbucks-ish deal to make the mommies happy..helloo-o!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

LV spring 2012 revelation

i guess marc jacobs is to blame for the rockin show from louis vuitton this spring.
the whole collection stopped me dead in my tracks..
and i have been using the applique floral as a major influence for my own spring looks for 2012..i love the color and the styling and the whole young/old lady vibe of all the pieces.
i must admit i nearly lost it today, while designing a new pattern..but i think we may just have it finally..and all will be revealed shortly!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

studio photoshoot with {erin gates and sarah winchester!}

today was a huge day at the studio. not only are we madly pulling together the spring/summer collection, but erin was styling a photoshoot for our lookbook, and sarah (8.5 mnths pregnant) was shooting it!
needless to say, it looked gorgeous, impeccable, genius!
i loved the golden flatware she found, and the amazing flowers for the vases.
these are the quick shots i took while rushing through the space as they were prepping and working on getting all the right images just so.

i cannot wait to see the final pix when sarah reveals what she saw through her lens lens.