Tuesday, November 3, 2009

wes anderson moment

i was reading my lovely new yorker last night about wes anderson's newest film "the fantastic mr. fox" which is so exciting from a design perspective i practically had steam coming out of my ears. but it reminded me of how much i j'adored all the interiors in the royal tenenbaums, particularly richie tenenbaum's bedroom with all of his amazing paintings, and of course, that tent! i had forgotten all the pink, but not those great red track suits. i think i will have to netflix this one for a reviewing!


  1. Jill, I used to wait on Wes Anderson at Craft and I got to tell him that "Bottle Rocket" is my all-time favorite movie (I have seen it 5 times). He was wearing a tan corduroy suit and had a stack of composition books with him that were FILLED with his very perfect and tiny handwritten notes. I found him fascinating...I kept hoping that the Wilson brothers would come in but they never did! xoxo Jenn Perry Shingelo

  2. i watched this again this morning while i folded the laundry. man it is so good. now i remember i just fell in love with the use of that font over and over again...what is it? and i remember that gene hackman really steals the movie. that scene in the game closet is so well crafted! all those games we used to play! do kids still play those board games? and the pink! so much pink everywhere! even on pagoda's pants. wes anderson is such an interesting director. his aesthetics are so particular. you can just imagine him designing every book in a library sequence in order to get the look just right. props to him!!