Tuesday, February 2, 2010


what can i say..i admit it. i adore award shows. they satisfy. so here is my review of grammy night 2010. pink made me dizzy spinning in the sky..she made me remember how much i loved moulin rouge. also i wondered if one is really allowed to wear so few clothes in front of so many people. taylor swift can't sing..and i am thinking no one told her yet. i feel really badly for stevie having to sing with her. rhianna's hair made me think about grace jones. what was beyonce's dress made out of? lady gaga is so elton john..that was fun having them sing together..but then i thought how overproduced the show was..too much stuff on stage, and then i missed michael jackson's classic 1988 grammy performance. so today..treat yourself with a trip down memory lane..and go over to you tube to watch michael put them all to shame!

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