Saturday, March 13, 2010

Oscar round up

i always try to watch the oscars for the fashion and the glamour, and for the just plain old fun. this year was no exception, and so i thought i would share some thoughts.
sandra looked great..right?? as though she was thinking.."this is my g-d night, and by golly i am going to look the part." i love that the fashion hawks said she wore that dress so she would look good with a statue.
i know people thought j-lo was a fashion do..but i didn't get it..very side pony tail to me.

i could not make up my mind about sarah jessica in that chanel number. one second i hated and the next loved. it had a very columnar grecian jackie-vibe. she looked pretty tired tho. hey, and what about senor broderick? he looks like he'd rather be with his girlfriend.
i did not get to see this amazing dress on charlize..but it sure is an attention grabber..huh?

cameron always claims that she just "threw something on". ha ha. i think her thing is that she's a nature gal. uhhh..ok.

i can't get enough of meryl..but i think this look is shlumpy. right. i absolutely loved her in julie and julia. delicious.

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