Thursday, August 25, 2011


my sister and i (along with our familys) are just loving it here in montauk so much! we are staying at the surf lodge which is a king and grove property (sounds like they are planning a new boutique hotel in brooklyn right now) and we have made the trek nearby twice now to have supper at their brother hotel ruschmeyers.
either these people who came up with these hotels have read my mind..or they have my number..because i cannot tell you how happy i am to be here.
each day we wake to a gorgeous morning and water views out the sliding glass doors of our petite chic room. stumble over to the main building for a relaxed patio breakfast of berries yogurt granola the shade of fishing baskets overlooking a lake. and while soft breezes caress us we hold our wee summer school for our 5 kids.
by noon we are packed off to the beach which is a couple of miles away in town, but it is a snap to park ..(huh?) and we enjoy the wild surf (irene is a'brewin'). then it's back here for a brief cocktail while we get changed for din din.
last stop was ruschmeyers tonight which happens to be a magical mini hotel (or is it a camp?). the management is content to have kids roam free in the yard that sits smack in the center of the hotel grounds, and boasts multiple picnic tables, a bocce court, a stage, teepee, rope swing and ping pong! so fun. sounds like they play games every night with stuff like bingo with dance offs to decide the winners and much more.
we are already planning our return visit next year.

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