Thursday, June 7, 2012

Banana goes bananas for trina turk

this weekend i got a hot news flash text from dear friend jen..who knowing how much i adore ms turk's finery, advised me to hightail it over to the republic. as per usual these days..the place was abysmal and no trina duds in sight. wah. so, i had look on my dear intra-webs and i learned that the collection was not to be released until TODAY! wow. is my take..without having tried anything on. meh. i really don't want a thing. despite the great color and the amazing turk pattern-o-mania..i am not really digging any of it. i will obvi try to head back into that den of not very good but used to be great store..and try some of it on.. but i am not too excited..just sayin' have any of y'all seen it in persone?

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