Sunday, December 13, 2009

new boots!

i am just back from my week in el salvador,(posts coming soon) and at home being cozy with the family. i really got used to the 80 degree weather down south rather quickly, and now i am feeling a bit worried about the winter ahead. my one consolation is the fact that before i left for warmer climes, the family took a trip over to the barn in newton, and picked up some cold weather gear. i finally stopped obsessing over boots and got the bogs because they DO in fact come in all black for women..hooray! their website boasts that not only are they a vegan (!!) , completely waterproof boot, but they are made for staying warm in subzero temps. and then..the hat in luscious moonlight i just could not resist. ok..that is IT for the rest of the year! i am feeling totally set. ol man i come!!

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