Monday, December 21, 2009


i have been thinking a lot about my spring collection for 2010, and my big idea is super prep style. this is a look i have never truly explored( except for a short stop in lily pulitzer town), and i have gotten so excited poking around the internet for some prepster heroes..the reigning queen of course being tory burch. tory loves herself some super bright colors, and i am loving the navy and poppy orange she is often wont to use. in addition to mademoiselle burch i am surfing some other mainstays of the modern prep such as prints from ms. ck bradley and the must have goyard tote! next stop ikats and suzanis.

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  1. Jill - Check out J. McLaughlin. If you like prep, you'll love their stuff. (I told Santa how much I love the harbor dress)