Monday, January 11, 2010

sledding season

the top of the slopes of Larz Anderson Park.
an LLBean toboggan..very classy!
the 3-man tube..shocka!
a new style foam board..not the most satisfying ride..quite uneven
the flying saucer..a clasic!

saturday afternoon i took my family sledding in winchester and it was a very successful fast day out there. i will admit after testing equiptment and the hill that Larz Anderson Park in Brookline far outclasses the park in Winchester..but the sleds we used this weekend totally rocked. in my humble opinion the best ride is on the 3 man tube..bouncy and slick..this baby moves and gets considerable air, but watch out.. the tube is very hard to control, and get too much air and you;'re on the cold hard turf! I also have to say the molded plastic toboggan is a great ride; quite fast and great for distance..but you must watch the bumps. the plastic is quite unforgiving and your spine will feel every ripple. Finally, for the classiest but slowest ride in town, check out LLBean's wooden toboggan...practically the whole family can fit comfortably on it's charming red cushion, and not a one will get stopped for a speeding fine! have fun out there!

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