Friday, January 8, 2010

valentino crush

The other night i watched the movie VALENTIONO THE LAST EMPEROR BY Matt Tyrnauer and it was a total treat. I think I was first made aware of the designer's genius when Julia Roberts walked the red carpet in that unforgettable black dress with the iconic "Y" neckline. But it was not until I watched this wonderful film that i got the full sense of the scope of Valentino's career. the man is a total design icon, a brilliant couturier, and someone whose time sadly enough has passed. The movie is a fly on the wall look at the designer's last year designing couture for the company. As viewers, we get to see how the clothes are made truly by hand, each dress representing hundreds of hours of labor. It is a poignant, touching, and fascinating watching a master at the height of his craft simultaneously realizing that he has reached the end of the road.

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