Tuesday, May 4, 2010

one dress every day for one year

i learned about the uniform project this week, and cannot stop looking at all the photos. It seems that young sheena matheiken decided that she would wear just one little black dress for an entire year changing it up each day with hats, jewelry, tights and you name it! It reminds me so much of my days growing up in the city watching all the little girls who had to wear private school uniforms tart themselves up in the most individual and outlandish ways. the point of the project was to raise money for Akanksha an org. that helps indian streetkids go to school. looks like it has been a big success having raised over $70K . mazel tov!

Uniform Project Picture Book from The Uniform Project on Vimeo.

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  1. I think you will really like this blog from Elsita Mora. She takes pictures of her outfits to post to her blog. Once I found this I had to go and look at every past outfit - they are all so great.