Thursday, May 20, 2010

Yelp reviewer jeremy 'waffles" k!

traveling back and forth to NYC all the time tends to make one familiar to the food highlights along Rte. 84. one of our big faves is Reins Deli of Vernon Ct. they serve up true NY deli fare, and so i get excited knowing that we can stop mid ride for a nice knish, some kugel, and a milkshake. After making a pit stop there this weekend we were tempted to go on the I phone and see what yelp had to say about the place. it was there that i discovered the writing stylings of mr. jeremy "mmmm waffles" K, a misanthrope after my own heart. This guy is a scream. no lie. and i don't think he even gets paid for this..go figure. the internet is a wonder.

the following is his review in all its glory!

Rein's New York Style Deli-Restaurant

Category: Delis

4 stars and a happy mother's day to all!

so we packed up the family truckster and made a rendezvous with the inrents at the halfwaypoint, well not quite halfway for us, but hey, thats family.

In preparation, we called ahead to see if they took reservation, alas, no dice. As this was our first time, I had envisioned a 'new york' style deli, ie pics of every borscht belt whose who on the walls and an ode to sandy koufax, not so much its in a strip mall in rural(?) Connecticut, but they do have their sections named after the 5 boroughs.

im glad one of the party got there 20 minutes early cause the line was OUT OF CONTROL, notice the emotion in that statement. we were seated 5 minutes after WE showed up. we are quite the johnny come laters then we usually tell people so this was a blessing. they seated us right past the giant statue of liberty, very freedomesqe! they must have had extensive experience with children too as they put brown paper under the childseat for spills, very wise says the keeper of the carpets.

so they had breakfast and their usual fare, deli (duh). our waitress was over worked, but still able to accommodate letting us know we could have anything we wanted too on or off the menu, unfortunately waffles were still not going to happen. I opted for french toast ala challah (holla!) with a side of bacon, a very jewish breakfast says this tribesman. wifey did the usual grilled cheese with tomato, mom had a swiss omelet with toast. So far our deli intake was lacking as expected. the coffee was robust and best of all, plentiful! my FT was not too eggie and the bacon was decent. unfortunately we were THAT family with the antsy child, ok not antsy, screamed, so mar didn't get to eat her food exactly hot, nor did I get to eat the whole thing at one time. this isn't necessarily important to the story perse but they do seem family friendly just the scolding looks of their old hag clientele will erk you if that gets to you, you know?!

we were harassed by the others in our party for not eating deli, but whatever, that's why people go out to eat, to get what they want. No biggie I thought as I have had hebrew national before and sure its good and all, but I wanted breakfast at 10am, call me a cynic. the others had a turkey club and a pastrami with sides of onion rings, they claim the sauce that comes with said rings was spicy and everything was great, but they say that about everything so I take it for face value. personally I should have had a knish, but alas, wasn't in the cards so I can't speak of such. Oh and don't forget the pickles, at 10am they weren't on the tables as you would expect, but as they are gratis, the table quickly ate their share. Quite good from what I hear, but I can eat them anymore. They sell halvah and joyjoys and all that, even authentic foxs u bet for their egg creams, but I didn't notice if they had dr browns, the true identity for a nyc deli.

in closing I would totally try this place again and then that time try lunch.

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