Friday, July 30, 2010

on my muses: Madonna

have i discussed my madonna worship on the blog? yup..that's right. just love her. i have always pictured the divine one marching around S+M style with her minions staring up at her waiting for the approval that will never come, and her just staring back saying, "it's just not good enough! get it out of my sight!" and this week, of all the weeks in the year, i truly need to summon my inner madonna, in order to keep my head clear of all the chazzerrai that can get in the way. right now, it is so important, while i finish up all the decision making for the collection, i do not get sidetracked by the "maybes" and the "almosts" and the "sortofs". the final collection must only be about perfection..everything else goes away! and that's final.

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