Friday, July 23, 2010

our design process

the last couple of weeks, i have been sharing a lot about what we are working on here at the studio to get ready for the fall gift show. i have posted quite a number of pix of my faves that are currently being considered for the collection. but yesterday, i thought, after looking at the piles of sketches on my table, that it might be cool to share how the patterns get onto the pieces.
i spend inordinate amounts of time getting a theme and inspiration for the season, and in turn that little seedling starts to take form, and grow in my mind, and finally morph into the sketches here.
from there, i do a bunch of sifting through concepts..drawing and redrawing. and finally it comes time to choose some colors, and try some of these babies out on some pieces. we like using plates as they are quick, and a good way of simply seeing something to know how well it might be working.
many of these plates, as pretty as they might be will never make their way into the collection because for some reason they do not cohere to the overall scheme. and so while they might be wonderful, i will never be able to use them, and they are pitilessly pushed aside, like the floral pictured below. buh bye navy and white plate!

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