Tuesday, August 24, 2010

damn you jonathan adler!

oy with this guy! will it ever stop? the gift show is pretty much the jonnie adler show as far as i am concerned..and the rest of us are just trying to play catch up. i mean let's be real. the guy is an uber genius. and if you ask him..he will tell you the same. i just love all of his work..and this season it has just come together better than ever! i mean..look at the baby room..could you die? too cute!

and check out the jewish merch. so wonderful. can you stand how perfect the menorah is? jonathan's work is incredible because he's decided that you get the joke. and of course..his work is so so joyful.

hello turquoise and navy. love.
wanted all the pillows. and a cashmenre blanket too please.


  1. I loved this post. And I loved you observation that "he knows you get the joke". His pieces are so happy and fun, like yours! Love it when artists openly admit their respect and admiration for fellow artists. Nice!

  2. Really? This guy sells stuff? People buy this? I'm not trying to be snotty. I have estate sales where I sell crap like this in bulk. I get very little for it and I would love to find an outlet where people get this excited and pay big bucks.