Friday, August 27, 2010

dorm room decorator

today's internet wandering led me to the extrordinary talent of charlotte moss acolyte, and Drew University senior (!) maximilian suinsterden. these photos are from a new york magazine photo shoot and they really blew me away. is this a holden caulfield moment or what? apparently young max is wont to have a fabby crowd of friends over to enjoy his well stocked bar! i mean..c'mon..the guy is ridunkul;ous! i think i love you maximilian!
i am loving this green wall color..where were you oh gorgeous ralph lauren tapestry green when i was searching high and low for the perfect shade of green?

and what about the ties? hilarious! i imagine master sinsterden is well on his way by now though, as the article was published last spring. let me know if you spot him on the scene s'il vous plait!

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  1. That boy has more style in his little finger than most people will experience in their entire lives. Love-love-love!