Wednesday, February 8, 2012


i watched the superbowl on sunday along with over 100 million other viewers..and i loved it all. so there.
my dad has been watching the yankee stadum, the yale bowl, and the meadowlands for over 50 years. he is a HUGE fan. when the giants are ahead..they are never ahead by enough. ahh. but now i am a new england gal. and my boston family lovedores the PATS! so as i see it. i won either way. and i got to see brady. AND madge! who is my idol. didn't you know? yup. since the 80's. so what if she stumbled and hunched. she rocked a real show. and who didn't she have up there? and she was not only egytpoidal themed..she threw in a rome theme too..why not? she's madonna.

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