Tuesday, February 28, 2012

red carpet round up

i didn't get any sleep last night, but i felt i had to get this started..so i will, for once, be terse..here goes. sacha is so great.no shame. hysterical.
the girl from the help in renaissance fair. loved her hair.
melissa is funny. i don't care what she had on. she seems like she is at least having a good time.
the new "it" girl rooney mara. my favorite thing is that all my dad can say is she is a football princess..the scion of 2 legendary fotball dynasties..or something like that.
i know a lot of people liked her in this..but seriously forest green and glen give me the creeps.
tina looks awesome in this couture carolina herrera..for once..right?
of course..uh duh. perfect..(though the rucheing pulled awkwardly accross the chest..just sayin.)

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