Tuesday, April 3, 2012

{in search of} the perfect backpack

i do own the perfect (well almost perfect) nylon backpack from baggallini..BUT! ugh it is now only held together with 2 rubberbands..no not kidding..AND they do NOT make it anymore!!
i am in a panic now..because once you use a lightweight nylon backpack handback..suiitable for a lady..you will never use a regular handbag again! there is this new one (below) from le sport sac..nice and very functional..but the color..meh!
it is just that i feel too encumbered by holding on to the handles of a handbag..and if all the weight is on one shoulder..i get ache-y on that side.
so a feather light back pack it is..but oh! not too many to choose from..just longchamp (not really functional for everyday..with just one pouch), tory burch(won't the taupe get filthy instantly?), prada (super pricey!), and kate spade(cute but only comes in black).
what to do?
oh dear.


  1. MZ Wallace has great nylon backpacks!

  2. Le sportsac....I regret passing mine on to my house cleaner last year:(. Seriously considering ordering another.
    It is washable, lightweight and had 2 zippered pockets + a pouch.