Monday, April 2, 2012

Richard Russo {I heart u}

this year on our spring break my literary companion was rchard russo's Empire Falls.
(last year i read his Bridge of Sighs. loved it.
back in 2005 HBO made this pulitzer prize winner into a paul newman/joanne woodward mini series..anyhew.. i love richard russo! his books just get me completely wrapped up, and i can't put them down. he definitely likes himself an old worn out upstate new york/new england dead factory that has seen some much better days, and empire falls is no exception. add to the mix a manipulative grande dame who enjoys watching her pawns squirm, and lording it over everyone in the town, and you have a hell of a great yarn!
suffice it to say that the pulitzer committee knew what they were doing when they gave out the prize that year.

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