Friday, August 10, 2012

naming names

when i start to think along the lines of a new name..i look at the pieces in the collection and start to think about the feelings that they evoke.

so for example..we designed a new candy stripe in a pink/grey combo, and one in a yellow/grey combo.

i know i go on about stripes endlessly, and often my fave to wear is the  classic chanel bateau navy and white style,

but!  the new pattern is not that at is far more frothy..kind of like spumoni..which is italian..which makes me think about all the wonderful stripey beach cabanas that one sees along the coast in Italia..hence the new name for our stripe collection will be...Capri Stripe!

next up ..we have a new Ikat that is very ethnic and chic..which reminded me of early bohemians..crossed with the fabulous Mac II ladies Mica and Chessy (helloooo turbans!)

i struggled/am struggling with this one more than the it is trickier. 

the vibe is boho/bold in classic color combos

the Brandolini Ikat?  Chelsea?  Mayfair?

I am leaning towards..Hoxton Ikat.  You?

I will definitely need a big vaca after this..perhaps to Southhampton..for which we have named our new take on the classic Links pattern.  The new Southhampton Link has a tonal interior, rather than the earlier incarnation that was a contrasting interior..wait til you see!

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