Monday, August 27, 2012

photographer {adrienne gunde}

it is certainly a time suck, but wandering around the internet can be wonderful..and occcasionally one will unearth gold!  i did recently when i discovered the LA based photographer adrienne gunde.  her still life of our little man ray teardrop vase with the chinese lanterns is craazy pretty.  and it made me want more adrienne..
so off to her blog i went, and there i discovered amongst her many wedding pix..these images from her world travels.  i love this pair from the Louvre because it captures how i felt earlier this summer when i was in the room with the Mona Lisa..check out Mona's paparazzi!!  they cannot get enough of her STARPOWER!

looking at adrienne's photos i realized that though all of us now have an imagemaker (camera) of some kind..we are NOT all photographers!

i mean..i went to paris too..

..and i went to laduree..
so why aren't my images of macarons as lovely?


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