Monday, September 24, 2012

emmy red carpet rap

i guess i wasn't the only one who saw the emmy carpet themes this year, and my fave of the night was all the Yellow!  i know that despite the slight fashion don't on the ladies..noted well in other that clare's floopy lanvin was a big no no..and that julianne should have done more for the boobage in the dior..bla bla..i on the other hand just loved the YELLOW of it all.  how fun.  i just saw the sunny happy shade , and it made me there.

 oh..btw..these pix are from the NYT coverage...and i love the color blocking theme..such a perfect summation of the night..the outfits really did fall into color/texture of my abso-faves was tina fey just killing in the BURGUNDY!!  vivenne westwood..i that her body?  she looks so amazing!  super perfect..the hair, skin,dress, jewels..and i just love her!  oh..and before i let go of this is worth noting the bizarro ashley do..what is up ashley?..isn't that a bit TOO tall?  ok well..she is a judd..jes' sayin'.  ps..yes..kelly osborne in the purple hair..check. my take is that as lovable and va va va sofia is..her fashion is obvi & predicti-pageant-y.and speaking of yeesh..heidi..hello?  all matchy and grecian goddess..but 2 leg slits?  i thought we had better taste!
 padma the orange is kill-er..the style not so much..but what-evs..she looked beautiful.  and i was a huge fan of ginnifer goodwin's look, the whole thing was fun..particularly that pixie makes her stand out in such a distinctive good way!
 i think edie falco's stella mcartney outfit is amazing..and i love that she just says she leaves this kind of thing to people who do it well..i got nothin for these other ladies.  oh..woopsy grecian wrap tulle..wha?
and then came Lena!  ouch..i bet you are getting raked my little friend..and o how i do love you..this miucca says upholstery..and Concept-y..but this look is SO not your friend..BUT..her eyes and new hairdo were so pretty..every time they cut to her last night i was all..omg she looks grreat!!  and it was only in the am that i saw the who-ole dress.  sorry know she is gonna kill it next time!

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