Wednesday, September 19, 2012

j'adore Moonrise Kingdom

recently i went to see Moonrise Kingdom..Wes Anderson's new movie.

i had been wanting to go all summer.

it took forever to get there, but despite my anticipation,  the movie did not disappoint.

i am not sure how to put this..but i am in love with the look of these movies...and i know i am not alone.

wes is super particular about the art direction of his films.  i know he built the house "set" inside an empty linens and he was able to control eeevery detail.  this space is a fave...let me count the ways.  the braided rug, the record player, the collared yellow dress,  plaid lunch box, sailing themed drapes..window seat..ucchh..perfection.

don't get me started on the colors and the badges and patches on these scout uniforms.  yum.

suzy as the raven..just look at her!

whaaa?  yellow suit case..check!

make believe wish you could read aloud to your kids.

isn't bob balaban's outfit just amazing?  LL Bean Shoe Boots...these were HUGE in '78..fingerless gloves..come on!

                     i am so ready to look at it all over again..thank you wes anderson!

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