Thursday, December 13, 2012

emerald green

ever since pantone announced that emerald green was to be the 2013 color of the year..

i remembered that this color was soo on my radar..because of this pic of kayce hughes' daughter in her kitchen!
and then i realized..

someone else had been sayin' it for a while!

i is

though not always the easiest color to decorate is a showstopper..right?

[see..been there]

i love when you realize that it is everywhere..

repeat after me..emerald..emerald..emerald..say it enough and soon you'll love it too!

yup..did it at my house too! (Ben Moore Four Leaf Clover!]
{please don't judge..we are a work in progress.}


  1. LOVE that bowl !!!!!!!will you have the bowl on your website? Super cute

  2. Replies
    1. we are so loving the color kayce..many thanks! this look rocks..though we are still in process as you can well see from the pic.