Wednesday, October 28, 2009

chris paints his entryway

remember chris? and his paint conundrum? well it looks like it's "problem solved!" in the ol' behan household, because he sent me this photo and this little note as well..

Dear Lady Miss Jill, Isn't it ironic that both your young daughter and perhaps the best decorator in Boston, Douglas Truesdale, both recommended the very same color for my foyer?! Hermiston Red by Pratt & Lambert. Although Douglas also suggested a drab olive green that he said would knock down the green tones in the oak. Ultimately he pushed the red, even though he said, "Haven't we all seen million of these red halls? But still is a warm, welcoming way to enter the house. And it looks good with the brick outside." He is right. And I couldn't be happier. XO Chris

well all i have to say is kudos to you darling! and don't forget to keep these updates a comin" because we will keep our readers apprised of your progress with your portland, me. victorian.

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