Monday, October 19, 2009

to bog or not to bog..

yesterday was most definitely the yuckiest day of the season. i walked around alot in the mess and got soaked...particularly my feet, as i was wearing leather boots..dumb! my friend connie told me about these..bogs!! she says that they are perfectly waterptroof and they keep your feet toasty warm, AND they have those cool pull-on! the only thing is that i am not sure i love all the flirty or practicality?
i am a total sucker for these sweet hunter's in black, but i know from experience that your feet freeze in these...dude, they do look nice!
these are sorels..they look warm..but how can i tell? love the colors.
michael kors doing a frye knockoff..huh.
what do we think about logo crazy burberry's attempt?
you know these "joan of arctic" boots would be super cozy warm..right? but i wonder is this my look..nanook? a little help, before i obsess.


  1. I bought these Pajar boots last winter. They are fleece lined, warm, tosty, waterproof and the red laces look sharp too!

  2. thanks so much linda
    i will go right now to look..

  3. hi jill. i found your blog! my husband did not wear any other shoes but his bogs last winter. all black of course. xox. kelly

  4. can i buy all black bogs?
    i think they only come in patterns in my size!