Wednesday, October 21, 2009

cibeline at design salon!

last night cibeline, the boston fashion designer, hosted the design salon in her amazing store at 120 charles st. what a hot ticket she was! now hear this people, she designs all her garments and has them made in lie! she loves putting a woman into pieces that make her look and feel great. so she said, "if we can get her into the dressing room, we know she is going to leave here with an outfit!"
cibeline's grandmother, who taught her to sew, said that a garment should feel and look good from the inside out, and so with that in mind, one of cibeline's signatures are the delicious linings she puts in all her pieces. last night she showed us the pink charmeuse inside her slacks and said, "every time you undress, you get a little treat!"

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