Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How To Make It In America

What is better than a great HBO show on sunday night? Recently, I started watching this very fun new show about 2 young guys trying to hustle groovy fashion in NYC. They are just starting out, and it seems every couple of steps they take forward, they end up having to take a giant step back. The show most certainly has a great vibe, naturally as it was brought to you by Mr.Marky Mark. Ooo..and one other fun tidbit is Martha Plimpton resurfacing as Edie, a blowsy, pushy NY decorater..i just love her.
Luis Guzman trying to make it in a legitimate biz selling "Rasta Monsta"..we'll see.
Bryan Greenberg and Victor Rasuk, as Ben and Cam our two cute main characters taking their premium denim to a pattern maker.


  1. Honey, looooove Martha P. Who is the other gal ??? she has a young Mimi rosenwald look goin' on. Sister keep it comin' Adore you and the blog !!!

  2. i don't know any of these actors..except the oldsters..but the show is dy-no-mite.