Sunday, April 11, 2010

Myers and Chang

A couple of weeks ago I was hanging out with Christopher Myers (the man behind some great boston hot spots like Radius and Via Matta) and I asked him about his place over on Washington St. in the S. End. Though I drive by it all the time, I have always assumed it was very fancy, sit down, and dressed up. Despite my being intrigued by the combo of Monsieur Myers style and Mme.Chang's delicious food..I had never darkened their door. He mentioned that I had it all wrong about M+C, and that on the contrary, it was yummy, casual, and super kid friendly with easy on the wallet prices. So on friday with the rain pouring down, Lawrence and I hightailed it over to Myers + Chang with our kids for a giant treat! What do you know..we adored everything! Though the place was hopping with pretty young things, what with its super groovy decor vibe, we had an amazing meal..loving everything we ate. The waitstaff was so helpful, despite it being wall to wall people, and I cannot wait to go back!
These mussels were the bomb. I wanted to drink the sauce.
loved the crispy tofu.
always a favorite with the youngsters..these dumplings went down instantly.

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