Thursday, September 2, 2010


we took the kids "back to school" shopping yesterday, and my report is in! the word on the streets is "STRIPES"!!! i don't know what the deal is..but everywhere you looked at the mall the story was stripes and more stripes. now anyone who knows me will tell you i have embarrassed myself with the striped shirt thing. it was my uniform..banana republic navy striped long sleeved T over everything..dress it up or dress that thing down..but i never took it off. at this point my husband will tell you..he groans every time he sees another striped shirt!
the truth is that i haven't had a new one for over 5 years (he hasn't noticed yet) simply because i even was too embarrassed! but if you do any shopping this are going to have to work pretty hard to avoid this major trend...i will now admit i bought 2 great ones at H&M.
the only other thing we noticed in our mall research was the BIG shirt idea. we used to laugh-this was such a prevalent style in the 80' was always.."hey..what am i gonna wear?..oh yeah..i know..i'll put on the big shirt (with the giant shoulder pads ..ahem..according to my sources these are back (wtf? really??)..and wear it BELTED over the leggings!" oy! i think the belts are back too..but i get pretty confused as to how i am supposed to wear it on the waist and tight..or low slung and loose? double oy!
the number above is from the bout putting a big cockamamy flower thingy on TOP of the stripes..ok!
thankfully it looks like you can wear the big striped shirt just in the brrr photo above! i remember! we have Pablo to blame! oh well! i must admit i still love this look and i will most certainly be sporting it around town. sorry world.

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