Thursday, September 9, 2010

back to school blues

at my house it's back to school this week, and i don't know about you..but the whole thing makes me a nervous wreck. as a kid, i notoriously got freaked on sunday nights..just anicipating what horrors monday would bring. now as an adult, my kids who are perfectly well adjusted blithely prepare while mommy needs a pill! just think about how many things there are to worry about..bullies..we know a couple of thugs we would love to live without..and then if we can avoid the mean kids..will my little precious have a friend to be his/her main dude?
school work and home work, and pushing the kids too hard..
and then the endless lists of supplies..don't forget anything important mom!
appointments! signing up for soccer and then remembering to buy the sports equipment. yeesh. i will be so happy when next week gets here..and i can relax!

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