Thursday, September 30, 2010


i had a big wake up call recently when i was "friended" by an old college chum on facebook. i am sure this is something that happens to us all regularly, but for me this guy was a symbol of the dawning of a new day. i mean this guy was a major cutie in school..and today..well let's just say he is unrecognizable! most definitely not cute. now i may be living in a dream world, but i do not think that i am beyond the valley of the recognizable..where all traces of my former adorable self have left the room? or am i? what about these celebs. how are they doing? they seem to be rocking it!
i once read this wonderful piece by fran liebowitz who said that she always thought that there were certain kinds of know old people..middle aged people and then the young people..she felt that she was one of the young people. and that was it. the way it was going to stay. forever! hah! what a crock! i thought to myself i too was one of the young people. forever! but that's most certainly not happening. so what are you going to do? aging is unavoidable!
so i say..more yoga, stay away from those carbs, and enjoy it! because hey.. i'm not so bad! and as my dad says, the alternative doesn't rock either.

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