Wednesday, February 9, 2011

erin gates: {style guru}

friday, january 28th we were madly rushing to load up our van and high tail it to NYC to set up for the gift show..but we had urgent last minute design tweaks on the brain..

our friend elements of style blogger erin had mentioned that it would be killer if we used an Ikat print on one of our shades for lawrence's chalet lamp. she also mentioned that her friend donna of Fabricadabra had the perfect print..and might be able to jet us over a few samples..

and that is exactly what happened! we got the fabric on friday afternoon, and as we were madly packing boxes..jessica handily set up to glue the lovely charcoal and white silk ikat to the shade.

the result is "bananas!" according to ms.gates..and all i know is that they went ape for it at the gift show! merci beaucoup..donna and erin!!

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