Tuesday, February 22, 2011

{weddings} sigh

my sister sandra is getting married this summer, and so this weekend, my other sister cynthia her 2 daughters, my daughter, and i all headed to L'elite on newbury st to try on dresses.

to say the least the whole wedding thing is a daunting task and definitely one for someone with a clear concept of what they want.

not only is it important to get it clear what kind of color theme you will want on each of the dresses, on each of the groomsmen, in your bouquets, and the trim on the flowers, but then you have to imagine what a dress will look like on the day of because when your girls try it on in the shop it will surely not be in their size!

then you have to make the enormous leap of faith that the whole shmear is going to look like someone thought the whole thing through and everyone and everything looks good togerther in the venue.

..well i was overwhelmed..and i already got married..

i don't exactly remember, but as i recall i didn't worry too much about the overall effect..i mostly cared that everyone would have fun, and that my dress would be great!

all the pictures are from the terrific blog style me pretty.

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