Monday, February 14, 2011

grammys my way

i admit it..i am a sucker for awards season, and the grammys are no exception! last night i was glued, of course, til i fell asleep! i did catch the lady gaga being reborn, and though my all knowing mother said she was "fabulous! a genius!" i wasn't buying..i kept having deja vu madonna thoughts. and those weirdo bumps on her shoulders looked just like madonna's pointy boob bra had migrated up! sorry! on the other hand, i did like the cee lo gwynnie duet with those fabby muppets..cute! and i love that gwynneth is working it as much as she can to promote that scary looking "country strong!" ooeesh!

the rhianna (can't get enough) eminem & friends watch me burn medley was mesmerizing..i thought the flaming set was a terrific touch..though not very subtle!

another highlight for my night was this dolly tribute with norah jones singing jolene with johnny depp doppleganger john mayer and ol' keith urban.

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